LINCOLN, Maine — Town leaders will meet Monday to determine how to go about replacing Town Manager Lisa Goodwin, who is due to leave March 23 to become Bangor’s new city clerk.

The Town Council special public meeting is set to begin at 7 p.m. at the town office, Chairman Steve Clay said. Replacing Goodwin is the only item on the agenda.

“We will get together and come up with a plan on what will happen. I won’t say anything specific because we haven’t discussed it yet,” Clay said Friday.

Councilors likely will move quickly because “we want to reassure the employees. It is a time of uncertainty,” Clay said. “A lot of them have been through this before, but some of them haven’t. Everything will keep on going.”

A Lincoln native, Goodwin announced on Tuesday her resignation as Lincoln’s top local government official, a position she has held since May 2008. She now is paid $73,177 a year and previously was Lincoln’s town clerk for 17 years.

The Bangor City Council appointed Goodwin with a 9-0 vote during its meeting on Monday night. Goodwin is due to start her new job April 2. She will replace City Clerk Patti Dubois, who left for another job in late December, and interim Clerk Dianne Lovejoy. Lovejoy will resume her position as deputy city clerk when Goodwin starts her new job, Goodwin has said.

Goodwin will have a starting salary of $69,321 in Bangor. She is a master municipal clerk and lifetime certified clerk of Maine. She is a member of several city clerk associations and has held leadership positions in those organizations, Bangor City Council Chairman Cary Weston has said.

Clay said that Goodwin’s timing was unfortunate, as the town government typically starts assembling its budget this time of year, “but I know that Lisa won’t leave us out on a limb. She will have the budget prepared before she leaves. I know that,” Clay said.

“I think there will be plenty of applicants [for town manager] when the time comes. The job market is tough right now,” Clay added.