ROCKLAND, Maine — Bail has been lowered for a 35-year-old Rockland woman who is accused of setting an apartment building on fire because she was despondent over the death of her mother from a fire two years earlier.

Justice Jeffrey Hjelm set bail Thursday, March 8, for Christie Look at $2,500 cash or $25,000 surety. Bail had been set at the time of her arrest at $20,000 cash.

Defense attorney William Pagnano argued for bail of $1,000 cash, explaining that his client was undergoing intensive outpatient mental health treatment, would live with an aunt and would be under the supervision of Maine Pretrial Services. He also pointed out that she has no criminal record.

Assistant District Attorney Chris Fernald said the state continued to have the same concerns it did when bail was set initially. He cited her severe mental health problems and his concern that, should she have another mental health problem, she might try again what she did and endanger other people.

Look was arrested Tuesday, Feb. 7, and charged with two counts of arson for the fire that occurred Dec. 1, 2011, at a four-unit apartment building at 25 Talbot Ave. in Rockland.

The fire heavily damaged the apartment that Look and her boyfriend lived in and caused smoke damage to the other apartments. There were no injuries but damage estimates totaled more than $50,000.

The fire initially was considered to have started accidentally in Look’s apartment from a candle that fell onto clothing. Look later admitted to police in an interview Dec. 2 that she was responsible for intentionally setting the fire, police reported. She had set fire to clothes in a suitcase in the apartment’s kitchen. She said she set the fire in a suicide attempt.

The arrest did not occur until later because she had entered a mental health facility voluntarily.