A 10-year-old competitor from the Bangor-Brewer Bowling Lanes has advanced to the finals of the Candlepin For Kids TV roll-off on April 15 at Pilgrim Lanes in Haverhill, Mass.

Cole Frey qualified for the finals after winning a recent roll-off at the Bowl-O-Rama in Portsmouth, N.H., in the ages 10-13 division.

Evan Riva, also a B-B Lanes bowler, finished second in ages 14-18.

Frey has turned in a strong bowling season as he also recently captured the youth boys all-events title for ages 10-13 in the Maine State Candlepin Bowling Association’s junior tourney.

Frey totaled 1,951 in five five-string tourneys to capture the all-events title for a fourth-straight year with a 475 in singles, 432 doubles, 446 mixed doubles, 509 mixed teams and 521 teams.

Another B-B Lanes bowler, Olivia Milan, captured the girls all-events title in the ages 10-13 division with a total score of 1,950 after recording 452 in singles, 502 doubles, 436 mixed doubles, 469 mixed teams and 527 teams.

Other division all-events winners included Jennah Ward and Williams Merrow of Hobbs Lucky Lanes in South Paris in ages 9 and under, girls and boys, respectively. Ward’s total score was 1,560 with 370 singles, 347 doubles, 374 mixed doubles, 427 mixed teams and 389 teams while Merrow notched a 1,691 total with 415 singles, 412 doubles, 443 mixed doubles, 397 mixed teams and 421 teams.

In the ages 14-18 division, Shannon Scribner and Eric Funk of the Big 20 Bowling Center in Scarborough recorded all-events girls and boys titles, respectively. Scribner rolled up a 2,115 total with 538 singles, 534 doubles, 502 mixed doubles, 541 mixed teams and 470 teams while Funk recorded a 2,207 total with 505 singles, 611 doubles, 569 mixed doubles, 503 mixed teams and 522 teams.