GREENE, Maine — A Lewiston man was released on $2,500 bail from Androscoggin County Jail on Saturday, one day after leading police on a chase that ended with the trooper ramming the man’s vehicle into a ditch.

“We terminated the chase,” Trooper Eric Paquette said Saturday.

He had found Brian Bouvier, 48, slumped over the wheel of his 1984 Chevrolet at about 4 p.m. Friday.

Police had been called after someone in Greene reported a suspicious person parked on the side of Meadow Hill Road.

When Paquette arrived, Bouvier was sleeping.

The trooper woke Bouvier, talked with him and went back to the cruiser. When the trooper returned to Bouvier a few minutes later, Paquette asked him to step out of the car.

“I started to put him through the field sobriety test,” Paquette said.

Instead of standing up as directed, Bouvier peeled away, Maine State Police Sgt. Andre Paradis said. Paquette reached into the car to stop Bouvier and was “half-dragged” for a short distance before Paquette let go.

The trooper quickly got to his feet and followed in his cruiser.

The chase lasted five or six minutes and hit speeds of 70 mph. Paquette chased Bouvier from Meadow Hill Road to North River Road and onto Allen Pond Road.

Bouvier’s car was “all over the road,” Paradis said.

During the chase, Bouvier wandered into the opposite travel lane and struck a snowbank. As he approached Route 202, then busy with commuter traffic, police worried that he could cause a catastrophic crash.

A supervisor gave Paquette permission to ram Bouvier’s car, Paradis said.

Near the intersection of Allen Pond Road and Quaker Ridge Road, Paquette pushed Bouvier’s car into a ditch. The chase ended.

Bouvier was taken to St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center in Lewiston where he was treated for bumps suffered in the crash and then to the Androscoggin County Jail.

He was arrested and charged with eluding a police officer, operating under the influence, aggravated reckless conduct and refusal to submit to arrest and detention.

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