BRUNSWICK — A 43-year-old Brunswick man faces felony charges of aggravated trafficking in Oxycontin and crack cocaine after police say he sold the drugs in posted drug-free zones this spring.

Jonathan Eric Hummell, 43, whose last known address was 66 Union St., was arrested on April 12, Brunswick police Detective Rich Cutliffe said.

Hummell allegedly sold four 15-milligram Oxycontin pills to a confidential informant in March, within 1,000 feet of St. John’s Catholic School on Pleasant Street, Cutliffe said.

Earlier this month, Hummell allegedly sold approximately a gram of crack cocaine to a confidential informant within 1,000 feet of Edwards Field.

Cutliffe, working with the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, arrested Hummell on April 12 and charged him with two counts of aggravated drug trafficking.

Hummell was released on unsecured bail from the Brunswick police station and faces a June 19 appearance in Portland Superior Court.

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4 replies on “Brunswick man accused of selling pills, crack near school, field”

    1. Yea, because this guy OBVIOUSLY only sold drugs those two times.
      You’re amazingly intelligent. You should get promoted to drive-thru any day now.

  1. The State last year change the laws on how to measure distants.  It would have to be in road miles to the school.   sort of like Oxford casino is 100+ miles from Bangors casino. when prior to the new law it was 95 miles and they weren’t allowed to build it.

  2. I always find it amusing when governments faced with a problem that they can’t fix try to make it go away by passing ridiculous laws that can’t really be enforced. This story is a prime example. So, this guy, obviously a very low level distributor, gets busted and because of the “knee-jerk” law he will have some extra time and/or fines added to his punishment. But the point that almost everyone seems to miss is that the law DIDN’T stop the crime. They never do. If it’s that easy why don’t we just pass laws that prohibit the sale of all illegal substances everywhere….oh, wait…..nevermind.

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