BANGOR, Maine — A Belfast woman was arrested Tuesday night after Bangor police were called to look into a suspicious vehicle parked at a vacant house.

Michele Fournier, 39, was charged with violating the conditions of her bail from a previous arrest and with carrying a concealed weapon, Bangor police Sgt. Paul Edwards said.

Bangor police Officer Joe Page charged Fournier with the bail violation because he found a beer in the center console of her vehicle, Edwards said. Page charged Fournier with carrying a concealed weapon because a knife in a sheath was found in her purse during a search.

The weapon charge was not the first for Fournier, who was charged with assault, carrying a concealed weapon and felony unlawful possession of cocaine after she was involved in a 2009 fight at a Hammond Street gathering and arrested after refusing to calm down.

Fournier, also known as Michele Landry, was intoxicated when police arrived to investigate the report of a family fight, Edwards said at that time. She had assaulted someone at the gathering and was arrested, he said. During a search, police found a knife concealed in her pants.

During her ride to Penobscot County Jail, police noticed that she was wiggling around a lot and searched her again and found a plastic bag that tested positive for cocaine.