Someone once commented on one of my NatureShots gallery narratives that “it doesn’t take much to amuse you.”  That person was correct, if the spectacular displays of nature add up to “not much.” I embrace it. Small critters and wild plants fascinate me and I allow their antics and beauty to awe, entertain and amuse me. It’s all there for the looking. Plus, to top it all off, I have some great friends to share it with.

The American bald eagle was sitting on a ledge, eating something that it had picked up in the St. Croix River in Calais. The remaining images were taken at Moosehorn National Wildlife Refuge in Baring. If you look at the horizontal batch of weeds in the pond, you’ll see a dark spot at the head of them … that’s the muskrat hauling its load.

The barn swallow babies were in a nest beneath one of the refuge’s observation platforms. The stronger of the two was closer to the outside of the nest, perhaps most productive feeding station. We only stayed long enough to capture an image or two then departed, so as not to interrupt feeding any further.