WEST BATH, Maine — A 5-year-old girl from West Bath was bitten by two family boxer dogs Saturday after she’d been playing with the dogs.

Sagadahoc County Sheriff ’s Department was notified of the incident at 12:57 p.m., which occurred on Birch Point Road, according to Chief Deputy Brett Strout.

Strout said the little girl was on the neighboring property belonging to family and was playing with the two boxers when she reportedly made a sudden movement that startled the dogs. Strout said that according to the report, the dogs “jumped her from behind.” Strout said the girl’s grandfather took her to Mid Coast Hospital in Brunswick after she was bitten.

“This is something that happened on private property and the families are not only neighbors but are related to each other,” Strout said. “The sad part is, the girl did sustain some significant injuries,” and did end up going to Maine Medical Center in Portland, where her status was not available by press time today.

Strout said the case is tragic but doesn’t believe the sheriff’s department can do anything further, since it was not a case where the dogs were at large. Strout said the dogs were dispatched after the incident by their owner.

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