VERONA ISLAND, Maine — Chalk one up for Occam’s razor.

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office on Saturday evening took into evidence a pile of bones discovered at a Verona Island boat launch. At the time of their discovery, the sheriff’s office couldn’t determine whether the bones were human or animal.

The question was passed on to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner, which on Monday told the sheriff’s office that the bones were not of human origin. Detective Sgt. Alan Brown of the sheriff’s office said that’s basically case closed.

“I suspect they know bones a lot better than we do,” he said Monday morning.

Mark Belserene, administrator for the medical examiner’s office, said he didn’t have details on this specific case, but that questions of unidentified remains come in to the office about a half-dozen times per month. Still, he said, it’s best for residents to call someone if there’s any doubt.

“It’s almost always animal remains, and it picks up during hunting season,” he said. “But it’s better to be safe than sorry. There’s always people who are unaccounted for, either from Maine or elsewhere, and it’s always good to have someone who knows what they’re doing check it out.”

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Mario Moretto

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