PALMYRA, Maine — When Sanborn Quimby went to bed on Wednesday night, his two granddaughters were home and in bed.

Sometime before 3 a.m. on Thursday morning, 15-year-old Harley McGinnis had left.

“She and her [13-year-old] sister sleep in the same room. When she got up, [Harley] was gone,” Sanborn Quimby of Palmyra said on Saturday. He and his wife, Sue, are the grandparents and guardians of the two girls and their brother, Ben, who was staying in New Hampshire at the time.

Quimby said the Somerset County Sheriff’s Department is investigating the disappearance.

“Basically, she took a few clothes, not very many. Just pretty much what she was wearing,” said Sue Quimby. “She took her pocketbook, birth certificate, social security card, driver’s permit and her iPod. That’s about it. [Harley’s sister Helena] thought she took some pictures too.”

Harley had been threatening to run away for a while, said Sanborn Quimby.

“I don’t think she’s thinking straight at all,” he said. “I think it’s more of a rebellious teenager thing. She’s not stupid. She planned this out very carefully. She pulled it off pretty smooth.”

Sanborn Quimby said he’s concerned about Harley and where she might go.

“We’re worried about her more than anything,” he said. “A lot of teenagers want to leave home, but don’t realize how limited their options are. A lot of people are looking to make use of runaways, especially pretty girls.”

Only her 16-year-old brother, Ben, has been able to get in contact with Harley, who had been text messaging with her iPod.

“When she texts her brother, she basically told him to stop texting her and leave her alone,” said Sue Quimby.

Sanborn Quimby said a family friend told him he thought he saw Harley in St. Albans late Thursday morning. The people at the home on Nokomis Road said she wasn’t there, according to Quimby.

He said he hopes she is still in the area and hasn’t taken off out of state.

“I’m pretty upset and pretty down,” said Sue Quimby. “We can’t find her. She won’t answer our calls. She won’t talk to us. We’ve been really worried about her.”

“We’d like her to at least call us, to know if she’s OK,” said Sanborn Quimby on Sunday. “We don’t know if she’s even in the state. Nobody got texted [Saturday from her]. We have no way of knowing where she is. We’d like to have her home, but we’d like to know if she’s OK.

“Her little 3-year-old cousin Katie has been asking for her,” he added. “She always thought quite a lot of Harley.”

Anyone who may have seen Harley McGinnis is asked to contact the Somerset County Sheriff’s Department at 474-6386.