Independents, Democrats, Republicans

Who are they? Who are you? Do any of these titles fully represent you? Is this just a way to divide people who would otherwise work for the good instead of constantly bickering about parties?

Fighting, bickering and scheming – endless time, money and energy wasted, and all paid for by the taxpayer!

Stop! Enough! Get to work!

Stop the double dippers and triple dippers who get themselves appointed on countless boards and commissions so that endless streams of money can be funneled to family and friends. Stop the power trips. We the people are the boss.

We hire, and we fire.

The only power you have is what we the voters have given you; it is not your own.

There are places where no Democrats, Republicans or independents exist: on the battlefield. In a burning building. At crash sites and at catastrophic events. In childbirth and in death.

You have created this social war. Yes, you. All of you who participate in this foster hate and create division and offer no hope and no real answers.

I am Mike Nadeau, No (R), (D) or (I) needed, just Mike Nadeau, of Fort Kent.

Real parties are where friends and family get together for special events.

Mike Nadeau

Republican candidate for House District 1

Fort Kent

Where is the outrage?

Where is the outrage? Where are the Millinocket councilors and other political representatives, the “don’t-fence-me-in people,” the fin-and-fowl folks? The Millinocket Stream just above Shad Pond is where Henry David Thoreau witnessed the tyranny of the bald eagle over fish hawks that sailed overhead. This is where some of the best bass fishing can be found and where a canoe and kayak mecca could be developing.

This is where the water used to appear rancid, yet today is developing into a park-lined attraction that town folk and travelers have begun to enjoy to its fullest. This is the stream where you can launch your boat at Michaud Park and meander downstream to see the progress that has been made by town folk and environmental groups.

Over the years there have been great changes. This area is a tribute to keep Maine beautiful. If we tried, this run of the river could develop into an economic engine helping the tourism industry that needs to be near and dear to our town.

Yet the company, whoever they are (Brookfield power, Katahdin or Acadia forestry or land developers), whoever controls the access to this waterway, has chosen to gate the access to the river. The excuse the spokesperson gives: “A few children have landed canoes and stolen a little property.” The company has stolen everything from the Millinocket people. Please tell me: Where is the outrage? I have not heard a peep from my representatives about this gating of access to this waterway.

Charles Cirame


Support Kevin Raye

Our country and state are in trouble. At the federal level we are racking up debt at the rate of $1 trillion a year. In Maine a third of the population is receiving welfare. It’s time for a change, and Republican Kevin Raye is the right person for the job. Raye understands what it takes to run a successful business, meet a payroll and balance the books – skills that appear to be in short supply in Washington.

Raye has promised to work to repeal Obamacare, while his opponent fully supports Obamacare. While it would be nice if we could give everyone in our country free health insurance, the bottom line is we, as a nation, cannot afford to do that.

U.S. Rep. Michaud Michaud, a Democrat, supports Obamacare even though it is expensive for small business, raises taxes and is unfair to those who want really good coverage.

The choice is clear.

Randy Poulton


Voting for Frey

I am unhappy with Republican state Rep. Jim Parker, who represents Bangor, Orono and Veazie, for voting to give a tax cut to the rich ( LD 1043). I am not against providing tax relief for the middle class, but this bill can only be described as welfare for the most fortunate Mainers.

The numbers don’t lie; this bill lowered taxes for the wealthiest 1 percent of Mainers by $3,000, while the middle 20 percent of income earners saved only an average of $123. It is clear that the

state Legislature needs an injection of common sense!

This is why I am so happy that Democrat Aaron Frey is running to be the new representative for Bangor, Orono and Veazie. Talking with Frey when he knocked on my door was very informative. He told me about his plan to create good-paying jobs by helping small businesses grow, rebuilding our infrastructure and investing in high-tech research. This certainly sounds like a good idea to me. On Election Day, my vote will be for Frey.

Carrie Dwelley


Faith communities

The entire Bangor Theological Seminary community is deeply saddened and repulsed by the recent defacing of two synagogues in Bangor. Our hearts and minds are filled with compassion and concern for the leaders and members of the communities of Beth Israel and Beth Abraham.

As president of BTS, I offer our pledge of solidarity and support for these faith communities and our commitment to the essential work of interfaith conversation and collaboration. We stand firmly against anti-Semitism in any form. We unconditionally reject acts of hatred and violence against any faith community because of their religious beliefs and practices. We encourage others to join us in affirming the common ground of our faiths, seeking the good of all the peoples

of the earth and the blessing of the creation of which we are all a part.

Rev. Dr. Robert Grove-Markwood

President, Bangor Theological Seminary