I had walked couple of miles and was yet to be inspired to press the shutter on my camera. After arriving at a beaver damn back flowage, I saw a small bullfrog, pictured, and decided this little guy was inspiration enough to put the camera into action.

While I was engrossed in photographing the cooperative frog several shrill shrieks alerted me to something else going on. I looked up to see three river otters swimming toward me. Almost at that same moment my brain registered the shrieks that I’d heard as the warning signal otters use to alert one another to danger. This time their signal alerted me just in time to capture a few images.

Other cooperative subjects that I recorded on the return trip to my Jeep: a black-throated green warbler, a green darner dragonfly and a nodding ladies’ tresses, a member of the orchid family.

As my moniker “photosbychance” indicates … very little of what I photograph happens on purpose or because I planned it!

I hope you enjoy the Maine outdoors. It’s going to be a great fall.