FRANKFORT, Maine — A local man who apparently suspected his estranged wife was involved in a relationship with someone else was arrested Saturday afternoon after allegedly shooting at another man.

Ian Walsh, 33, of Frankfort evidently went to a residence where the woman and two male friends were in order to retrieve a video game system, Waldo County Sheriff’s Office Lt. Jason Trundy said Monday.

“He confronted her in regards to his belief that she was engaged in a relationship with one of the men there,” Trundy said. “He produced a handgun, pointed it at one of the men, pulled the trigger.”

But instead of firing a live bullet, the gun instead made a clicking sound.
Walsh went to get the video game system and then pulled out the weapon one more time, telling the people in the home that he had a bullet in it.
He pulled the trigger again, this time shooting a bullet about a foot away from one of the men. The bullet traveled through two walls and finally lodged in a third wall.

Walsh left the home, Trundy said, and the people there called police.

Deputy Ben Seekins of the sheriff’s office documented the scene, retrieving the bullet and the spent casing and taking statements from the people at the home. He got a description of Walsh’s vehicle and information about the house he likely was staying before rounding up police backup to locate him.

Seekins, Deputy James Porter, Officer Eric Bonney of the Searsport Police Department and Trundy met up and went to the Frankfort house where Walsh’s vehicle was parked. Apparently, the police were spotted by one of several children in the home, who told an adult that officers were waiting outside.

Walsh stepped out and met the policemen in the driveway. He complied with every order the officers gave him and was taken peacefully into custody, Trundy said. Another man at that residence gave police the handgun.

Walsh was taken to Waldo County Jail in Belfast. He was charged with aggravated reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon, a class B felony, and criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon, a class C charge.

He was scheduled to be arraigned Monday afternoon at Belfast District Court.