Joshua Britten, Yarmouth, possessing marijuana, $350.

Ryan L. Doody, Caribou, violating condition of release, jail 72 hours; operating vehicle while license suspended or revoked, $500, jail 72 hours.
Donald Galleck, Bangor, trafficking dangerous knives, jail 48 hours.
Jeremy J. Hammond, Bangor, operating vehicle without license, $150.
Jeffrey J. Harvey, Bangor, disorderly conduct, $150.
Lorraine E. Hodgdon, Bangor, possessing synthetic hallucinogenics, $400.
Joseph Landry, Belfast, criminal mischief, jail 24 hours, $355; theft of services, jail 24 hours, restitution $8.10.
Jeanna K. Lowery, Orono, minor possessing liquor, $200.
Cassandra Socobasin, Bangor, operating vehicle while under influence of intoxicants, $500, license suspended 90 days, restitution $3,448.38.
Kenneth N. Swinamer, Lake Echo, rule violation, operating with false duty, $750.