LITTLETON, Maine — A family of five was left homeless on Friday morning and a 90-year-old structure was destroyed in a fire on Framingham Road.

Littleton Fire Department Chief Dwight Cowperthwaite said Friday afternoon that the blaze that gutted the home of Timothy and Pamela Cummings and their family began at 4:30 p.m. Thursday.

Details of how the fire was discovered and whether the family was home at the time were not immediately available.

Cowperthwaite said he believes the fire at the three-story home at 604 Framingham Road began in the chimney. He said that flames worked their way up the outside of home as the Houlton and Monticello fire departments responded to calls for mutual aid. The chief said that firefighters knocked down the blaze and crews stayed on the scene throughout the evening using thermal imaging cameras and other equipment to extinguish hot spots.

On Friday morning, however, the fire began raging again. Firefighters from Houlton and Monticello again provided mutual aid, but the home was a total loss.

“We feel terrible, because the firefighters just worked their guts out,” he said Friday afternoon. “We used every resource we had, but somewhere that fire was there smoldering, it seemed, just waiting for us to leave so it could get going again. And the wind picked up and made it worse.”

The chief said that the family had not been living in the home for very long and he was not sure if they had insurance. They are receiving assistance from the American Red Cross, according to Cowperthwaite.