Editor’s Note: This story was posted in March 2013, and is not about a current storm. For information about the storm forecast to hit the Eastern U.S. in Nov. 2013, click here.

GRAY, Maine — A storm expected to arrive late Monday night could drop up to 14 inches of snow on the Portland area and the crown of the state.

Portland and its neighbors on the southern Coast, as well as Maine from Houlton north, should expect 10-14 inches of snow by late Tuesday, according to forecasts from the National Weather Service in Gray and Caribou. The rest of southern Maine can expect 8-10 inches, with forecasts revised upward to 9-12 inches for the Penobscot area.

Certain areas could see deeper snowfall than that.

The snow is expected to start in Western Maine after midnight Monday, according to forecaster Chris Legro of the weather service’s Gray station.

The snow will pick up heading into Tuesday morning, and Western Maine residents should expect 4-6 inches by the time they wake up Tuesday morning.

“Most of the area is going to see pretty significant snowfall out of this,” Legro said Monday morning.

The snow is expected to be wet enough to pack into a snowball but not too damp.