AUBURN, Maine — Police and tracking dogs were on the hunt Thursday night for a man suspected of robbing the Domino’s pizza store on School Street.

The robbery happened at about 9 p.m., minutes after a similar heist was attempted at Heathco’s pizza shop and variety store less than a mile away, police said.

Within minutes, a tracking dog was on the way, police were questioning witnesses and officers were reviewing footage from a Domino’s security camera.

At Heathco’s, the suspect was frightened away by a customer who walked into the store, police said. A small amount of money was taken in the Domino’s stick-up.

Police said no gun was displayed, but that witnesses reported seeing the butt of a pistol in the suspect’s front pocket.

At 9:15 p.m., police put out a bulletin, alerting area departments that they were searching for a man described as wearing a brown winter hat with a visor, light jeans and a green sweatshirt. Witnesses said the suspect may have had a tattoo on his neck.

Around the same time, an Auburn police officer stopped a man in the area of West Pitch, a short distance away, and questioned him. Others were questioned, but the suspect remained at large later Thursday night.

Heathco’s, a pizza and variety store, is at the top of Goff Hill. Domino’s is on School Street, near the bottom of the hill.