BANGOR, Maine — A Bangor police officer played a significant role in saving the life of a Dedham man who apparently overdosed on heroin Wednesday afternoon, authorities said.

Officer Jeremy Brock, an Easton native who joined the Bangor force in December, was dispatched to the Mansfield Stadium parking lot around 5:30 p.m. when it was reported there was a man who may have overdosed, according to Sgt. Paul Edwards.

When Brock got to the scene, Michael Kashey, 34, was still conscious, but he stopped breathing shortly after.

The officer sprang into action.

“I gave him some rescue breath and chest compressions, and he began breathing again,” said Brock.

Brock was able to get to Kashey quickly despite the fact that Kashey’s girlfriend, who had called 911, had a difficult time providing the officer with his exact location.

“She wasn’t able to give a very accurate description of where it was,” he said. “I had a difficult time finding where she was around the stadium.”

Shortly after the officer revived Kashey, Bangor firefighters and rescue personnel arrived and brought the man to Eastern Maine Medical Center, where he was stabilized.

Edwards said Kashey had injected heroin shortly before collapsing.

“A female companion of the victim told [Brock] that he had just injected heroin about 10 minutes prior [to collapsing],” said Edwards.

Brock said his main focus when he got to the scene was saving Kashey’s life.

“I didn’t really put a whole lot of thought into it when it happened but I replayed it in my mind a lot,” the officer said. “Luckily there was a lot of help.”

Brock, a former high school and college athlete, said he hopes this incident serves as another stark reminder of heroin’s dangers.

Lt. Steve Hunt said Brock did an outstanding job.

“He’s carrying on the fine tradition of the Bangor Police Department,” Hunt said.

Later Wednesday, Officer Richard Polk went to the emergency room at EMMC as Kashey was being released back into Bangor police custody shortly after 8:20 p.m. Polk discovered Kashey was carrying a bottle of Butalbital pills that weren’t prescribed to him and an illegal switchblade knife, according to Edwards.

Kashey subsequently was placed under arrest and charged with possession of heroin, unlawful trafficking of scheduled drugs and trafficking in dangerous knives along with five outstanding warrants, Edwards said.

Information on Kashey’s warrants wasn’t available. He is being held at the Penobscot County Jail.

Ryan McLaughlin

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