BANGOR, Maine — A local man was charged with OUI on Monday afternoon and could face more charges after he was found passed out behind the wheel of his car on the Penobscot Bridge, police say.

George Keefe, 26, also had a flat tire on his vehicle when Officer Paul Colley arrived and found him passed out, according to Bangor police Lt. Paul Edwards.

Shortly before the officer arrived, a woman who said she was a nurse approached the car and attempted to help Keefe, and was stuck by a hypodermic needle that was on his lap, the lieutenant said.

The woman was not injured, according to Edwards.

By the time Colley arrived, Bangor paramedics and firefighters were on scene assisting Keefe, Edwards said, and he was brought to Eastern Maine Medical Center for treatment.

While at the hospital, Keefe was summoned for operating under the influence of drugs, Edwards said, and it’s possible heroin use could’ve played a role in the incident.

“We have probable cause to believe that he was using heroin in that needle and that was the cause of this,” said Edwards.

It’s possible that Keefe will face further charges.

Ryan McLaughlin

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