Judy Long

BANGOR — Judy Long of Orrington recorded a hole-in-one on the 145-yard 16th hole at Bangor Municipal Golf Course Saturday during just her fourth 18-hole round. Long used a 4-wood to record the ace which was witnessed by Milton Florest, Larry Ring, and Nick Cassidy.


At Fort Kent GC

Upper St. John Valley Senior Ladies Golf Results — Division A: Gross: 1. Alexis Madore, 2. Betty Deveau, 3. Vickie Boucher; Net: 1. Bern Michaud, 2. Joyce Patterson, 3. Lucy McLaughlin Division B: Gross: 1. Jessie Thompson, 2. Judy Doustou, 3. Betty Lou Craig; Net: 1. Diane Libby, 2. Louanna Culberson, 3. Ann Ouellette; Division C: Gross: 1. Carmen Reller, 2. Gail Sirois, 3. Rachel Cyr; Net: 1 Ann Haines, 2. Betty Thompson, 3. Norma Manter; Division D: Gross: 1. Virginia Benner, 2. Angie Boutot, 3. Muriel Roy; Net: 1. Jean Sleeper, 2. Ruth Goodyear, 3. Rita Roy

At Lucerne GC

Senior Scramble Results — 1st Dave Robertson, Ralph Alley, Bill Ferris, Tim Moody (-9); 2nd John Somes, Bob Carter, Robin Young, Paul Bowden, Dennis Kiah (-7); 3rd Bob Mc Kenney, Mark Molnar, Bob Jackson, Dave Nordberg (-6); Barry Harris, Bob Francis, Dick Baker, Bob Fraser (-5 tie); Ron Allen, Gordon Holmes, Scott MacArthur, Dick Herring (-5); Don Burnham, Bob Curtis, Rich Corey, Jerry Hinson (-5), Kerry Woodbury, Mel Bowden, Jim Bonzey, Carl Williams, Dick Gassett (-5); Steve Newcomb, Royce Morrison, Jr. Tracy, Hank Hosking, David Rand (-4); Dan Lux, Don Means, Ron Snyder, Don Means, Pat Gibson (-3), Cecil Eldridge, Mike Dore, Al Small, John Barrows (-2); Larry Reynolds, Russ Black, Ken Goldstein, Larry Orcutt (-2). Pins: No. 2 Mike Molnar 3-2, No. 6 Bob Francis 1-9

At Pine Hill GC

Maine Distributors Women’s League: 1.Mary Smith, Rachel Lapoint, Jeannette LaPlante, Jane LeVie 35; 2. Marina Aston, Lesley Waterman, Jan Bennett (MC) 36; 3.Shelley Drillen, Cathy Gero, Irene Woodford (MC) 36; Pins: No.5 10-0

RH Foster Senior League: Stableford: 1.Mike LaChance, Bruce Treworgy, Pat Davis +2; 2. Peter Beatham, Dickie Reed, Phil Newbury 0; 3. Ralph Holyoke, Bob King, Jim Jones -2; 4.Phil Reed, Mike French, Bunny Russell -2

At Traditions GC

Men’s Christian League — 1st: Scott Fraser, Terry Pangburn, Bernerd Bennett, 30; 2nd: Jeff Waring, Wes Walker, Skip Commeau, 30; 3rd: Scott MacArthur, Randy Irish, Ben Birch, Bill Birch, 31; 4th: Steve Batson, Ed Mace, Bob Pentland, Cliff Nelson, 33; 5th: Gil Read, Harold Batson, Mark Bennett, 34; Pins: No. 7 Jeff Waring 9-1; Closest to the pin in 2 shots: Wes Walker

At Kebo Valley GC

Kebo Boys — 1. Paul Hodgkins, Dick Cough, Tim Buell, Rocco Fucetola 124; 2. Robert Macleod, Tim Mayo, John Gray, Doug Terry 115; Net Skins: 1 Tim Buell, 7 Rocco Fucetola, 13 Dick Cough, 18 Doug Terry; Golf Wars Scramble League: Inner 9: Gross: 1 The Jamoches 29, 2 The Fall Guy’s 30; Net: 1 Silver Bullets 25.1, 2 Team Potential 25.4; Outer 9: Gross: 1 Tom & The Gals, 2 Just Say Somethin 33; Net: 1 The Rickheads 27.1, 2 4 Nice Putts 29.1; Pins:

4 Jake Willis 1-6, 6 Kein Walton 0-6, 15 Brian Archer 10-1



Boys Soccer

Friday’s Results

Cent. Aroostook 1, Washburn 1 (2OT)

Fort Kent 3, Van Buren 0

Saturday’s Results

Easton 2, Hodgdon 1

Monday’s Results

Wisdom 2, Washburn 1

Girls Soccer

Friday’s Results

Fort Kent 3, Van Buren 0

Washburn 11, Cent. Aroostook 1

Saturday’s Results

Easton 6, Hodgdon 0

Monday’s Results

Washburn 7, Wisdom 1

Today’s games


Boys Soccer

Ashland at Easton, 3:45 p.m.

Girls Soccer

Ashland at Easton, 3:45 p.m.



BANGOR, Aug. 20

The first football practice for Bangor boys entering grade eight at the Cohen and Doughty Schools is set for 8:45 a.m. Tuesday, Aug. 20 at the Doughty School field. To join, all registration forms must be submitted or updated at either school office by Aug. 19. For more info, contact coach Gary Capehart at 990-1378 or 631-6233.



Golf, Aug. 20-21

Tryouts for the Bangor High varsity golf team will be held on Aug. 20-21 at Bangor Municipal Golf Course. Contestants will play nine holes each day. Rounds will start at 9 a.m. both days. For more info call or email Rob Jarvis at 941-0232 or

Camden Hills

Wednesday, Aug. 21

Camden Hills High School’s mandatory fall sports meeting will be held on Wednesday Aug 21, 7 p.m., at the Strom Auditorium for all student athletes, coaches and parents. For more info, contact AD Steve Alex at 236-7800 ext 414 or email


Tuesday, Aug. 20

Central High School will be holding a parents sports information night on Tuesday, Aug. 20 in the CHS gymnasium: coaches 5 p.m., parents 6 p.m.


Thursday, Aug. 22

A Meet the Coaches Night will be held at 7 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 22 at the Hampden Academy gym.

Harness racing

Union Fair

Tuesday’s starters, 2 p.m.

First, Trot, $3,000

1. Tabatha, G. Bowden

2. Quantum Uptown Boy, S. Thayer

3. Death Valley, G. Mosher

4. Flash Commando, C. Nye

5. Monk, D. Ingraham

Second, Pace, $2,600

1. The Temple Tiger, D. Ingraham

2. Come On Cala, W. Campbell

3. Susan Balucchi, G. Hall

4. Dance Withme Molly, C. Nye

5. Strait Shooter, C. Syme

6. Oh Gee Ding Ding, G. Mosher

7. Southwest Bliss, H. Campbell

8. Surf Side Sis, K. Ireland

Third, Trot, $2,700

1. Will He, W. Campbell

2. Sunny Victory, H. Campbell

3. Windsong Isis, G. Mosher

4. S J’s Reel Girl, C. MacKenzie

5. Nowerland Collins, G. Bowden

6. Malabar’s Dream, D. Ingraham

7. Pimlicos Treasure, W. Campbell

Fourth, Pace, $2,300

1. Art’s Lady Shark, D. Ingraham

2. JK RC Bettor Yet, C. MacKenzie

3. A Little Naughty, H. Campbell

4. ER Made of Honor, W. Campbell

5. Canaco Oneida, G. Mosher

6. Woodmere Humdinger, J. Mosher

Fifth, Pace, $2,800

1. Art Aficionado, G. Bowden

2. Wake, D. Ingraham

3. Point Standing, G. Mosher

4. Red Bullet, W. Campbell

5. Grimsby, H. Campbell

6. Circles Sassylassy, J. Mosher

7. Mystical Terror, R. Cushing

8. Cien, C. Nye

Sixth, Pace, $2,300

1. Warrawee Kiwi, W. Campbell

2. Always A Contender, C. Nye

3. Firebrand Hanover, D. Ingraham

4. Texas Shootout, S. Thayer

5. Here Comes Cruiser, G. Mosher

6. Stonehouse Baran, H. Campbell

Seventh, Pace, $3,500

1. Wing and A Share, D. Ingraham

2. Kaylas Sophia, C. Nye

3. Velvety Smooth, H. Campbell

4. Random Blizzard, G. Mosher

5. Native Bombshell, W. Campbell

Eighth, Pace, $2,300

1. M G Frederique, T. Hudson

2. Hey Shazam, C. Nye

3. The Doodah Man, G. Mosher

4. Kentucky Bay, J. Mosher

5. Fast Ben, G. Bowden

6. Fulla Fire, A. Hall