Workplace violence?

Every veteran should be appalled at the commander in chief of the Armed Forces calling the massacre at Fort Hoodworkplace violence, as reported in the Washington Post. It is a sure case of terrorism.

So was his call of the death of the Seals in the American consulate in Libya a “bump in the road,” as reported in the Washington Post in 2012. It is too bad that we don’t have representatives with the nerve to stand up and ask for President Barack Obama’s impeachment.

They are more worried about some ball player taking drugs then about our people getting killed. Now Secretary of State John Kerry and all his warmongering friends want to jump into Syria, so we can get some more Americans killed. Where does it stop?

John L. Clark


Beneficial to the Navy?

The Navy is in town trying to convince the fisherman, area residents, town officials and base employees that installing commercial power at the station’s power generation plant would be beneficial to the Navy. I disagree.

Converting in-house power to commercial power via an underwater cable from Bucks Harbor would adversely impact the local fisherman. The proposed cable would be routed through two scallop seed beds disrupting years of important research and work. Installing commercial power would make the power generation plant susceptible to cyber attacks.

I don’t think commercial power is not reliable. Commercial power at Cutler Navy would mean civil service jobs lost, which we certainly cannot afford in Washington County.

This union continues to work with Maine’s congressional delegation and others to oppose the Navy’s proposal. I’m pleased to know that the impacted communities join the union’s opposition.

Elmer Harmon


Speak out

I am tired reading continuous news media accounts on the George Zimmerman case. I want to know why Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson have said nothing about the two black young adults

who beat up an 88-year-old WWII veteran, as reported by NBC News.

Robert Metcalf


Fair opportunity

Can anyone answer the question why the Department of Veteran Affairs isn’t being fair to African-Americans? In other words why won’t the VA hire qualified African-American veterans? I am a disabled veteran. I have been applying for jobs for almost 18 months, and I am yet to get even an interview. Blacks aren’t asking for handouts, however. If they qualify, they are seeking fair opportunity.

John Evans


Baby-less society

Kathleen Parker’s Aug.14 BDN column “To Have or Have Not – a Baby,” was a delivery room experience as seen through the eyes of a bystander. Parker watched in awe as her niece dramatically grappled with each stage of her baby’s arrival. Maybe Parker forgot to mention that delivery room birthing, although empathetic for spectators, is thankfully painless. The gist of Parker’s focus, however, was more about the current “baby-less” society and its ensuing data.

On the other hand, Parker missed the opportunity to pry open for discourse what she heard her niece utter, “I feel so sorry for men. … They can’t have babies.” Hello? After going 10 rounds with Mother Nature, battle weary and flat on her back, the niece feels sorry because men can’t feel a birthing “high”?

In the past, procreation has been mysteriously unexplored, but today’s childbearing is a tentative domain, now ripe and in wait of research. Yes, guys. Today’s same-sex marriages has test tubes all lined up. Which one gets the prenatal experience? Does the happy couple flip a coin? Will “Delivery Room 101” be included in all pre-nuptial contracts? Maybe Yogi Berra was right when he said, “You can observe a lot just by watching.”

So men, no cutting or pushing in line, please.

Elizabeth Jalbert Pecoraro

Fort Kent