Cease and desist

I’d like to respond to the Dec. 13 article “Cianbro remains committed to east-west highway project despite opposition.”

First, this is a transportation-utility corridor, not just a highway. A corridor could contain oil and gas pipelines, water pipelines, high voltage transmission lines, rail lines, cell towers and other utilities.

The term “corridor” was used by Cianbro Corp. CEO Peter Vigue in a presentation on April 2. I read to Vigue a petition from the Concerned Citizens of Garland Committee, signed by more than 150 local residents, saying that we do not want an east-west corridor.

At that meeting, Vigue made two explicit statements. He promised that if the town of Garland voted against the corridor, then it would not pass through Garland. He also said he hoped to divulge the proposed route by the end of the year.

Now Vigue has broken one promise, with corridor project manager Darryl Brown stating in the article that they would not divulge the proposed route.

We have put up with Cianbro’s secrecy long enough. We have formed committees; voted for moratoriums; written petition; attended legislative hearings; and written letters to the editor, legislators, senators and the governor. We have passed ordinances against the corridor.

We see no benefit whatsoever but rather a nightmare scenario that will destroy our quality of life, pollute our air and water, extract our natural resources, obstruct our roads and travel, and destroy our property values and valuable farmland.

We demand that Cianbro fully disclose the projected path of this ill-conceived corridor. We further demand that the entire east-west corridor project cease and desist.

Terrell Crouch


Governor goodbye

I hope everyone who voted for Gov. Paul LePage has learned their lesson. He is nothing more than an uneducated bully. He now wants to overhaul the electronic bank transfer, or EBT, system. He wants pictures of recipients on the cards. What about the disabled who are not able to shop for themselves? I don’t want to waste any more time on LePage. I just hope that at the next election, we have a new governor who will not call our poor, disabled and elderly thieves. Goodbye and good riddance

Sarah Brown


Washington lobbyists

I agree with most people that the Washington Redskins should change the name of their football team. I think I’ve got the perfect solution. It came to me in the middle of the night. How about “The Washington Lobbyists”?!

“Lobbyists” is certainly a more modern name than “Redskins.” There are more of them in Washington than there are people! They probably outnumber our congressmen by about 100 to one. And they qualify as predators, like the Lions, Bears and Panthers. They are definitely powerful. They work for the large corporations that represent the oil industry, the drug industry, Wall Street, etc. They are great at creating loopholes. (That could help a football team, couldn’t it?)

Lobbyists qualify as the most powerful and dangerous animal in our modern society, and they have all kinds of money to pass around to help buy a winning team. Hooray for “The Washington Lobbyists.”

Marc Chasse
Fort Kent