BUCKSPORT — The Buck Memorial Library will host seven “Gatherings” that will provide information about the early history of Bucksport, Orland, Prospect, and Verona Island.
Guest presenters will speak at the different “Gatherings,” will be take place 2-3:30 p..m, the second Tuesday of each month. The schedule is:
• “Newspapers: Their Place in Historical Research,” April 8, with Beverly Andrews, Sharon Bray, Don Houghton, and Nancy Wasson;
• “Early Family History,” May 13, with Patricia Adams (genealogy), Kathy Downes (town vitals), and L. Donna Hoffman (Daughters of the American Revolution);
• “Historical Societies,” June 10, with Benjamin and Jeannette Blodget and Thomas Sweet;
• “Buckport Tanneries,” July 8, with Benjamin Blodget, and “Orland Brick Yards & Kilns,” with George Sawyer;
• “Cemeteries,” Aug. 12, with Nancy Wasson (Orland cemeteries) and material about area cemeteries from the Mary Redman Collection;
• “Early Schools,” Sept. 9, with Phyllis Wardwell (“The Little Yellow Schoolhouse”) and the Buck Memorial librarian (“History of Schools”);
• “Homes for the Holidays: Early Houses and Their Families,” with Benjamin and Jeannette Blodget, Richard Tennant, Larry Wahl, Phyllis Wardwell, and the Buck Memorial librarian.
For more information, call 469-2650.