KENNEBUNK, Maine — A Utah man dubbed the “Vampire Trucker” is said to have traveled to 18 different states, including Maine.

The FBI says Timothy Vafeades wore fake teeth to look like a vampire, abducted women, filed their teeth into fangs, and physically and sexually abused them.

He was arrested in November in Minnesota, but police are still looking for any information that could lead them to more possible victims.

Drivers making their way through the Kennebunk rest stop say the story is like something out of a horror movie.

“It’s bizarre, I can’t believe anyone could act that way,” said Massachusetts resident Steve McKenna.

Vafeades is accused of abducting his own daughter and another woman and holding them captive in the cab of his truck for months.

While trapped inside, victims claim Vafeades filed their teeth into vampire-like fangs, forced them to have sex and watch child pornography, and strangled and beat them repeatedly.

“It makes me angry someone would use our image in that way,” said Gerald Knoell, who is a second-generation truck driver from North Carolina.

Knoell started driving trucks 34 years ago, following in his father’s footsteps.

“It’s something we are proud of and whenever you hear something like that it gives us bad name,” Knoell said.

He’s relieved that Vafeades is behind bars and no longer behind the wheel.

“It’s good someone finally caught up to him,” Knoell said.

Now, police across the country and right here in Maine are looking for more details about where the “Vampire Trucker” may have traveled, in case he took more victims along his way.

“It’s a devastating story from top to bottom,” said Alex Asher of New York.

Investigators are hoping that his bizarre tactics will be the key to linking Vafeades to other kidnappings and missing persons cases over the past two and a half decades.

Vafeades is being held in a Utah jail without bail until his next court appearance this month.

Anyone who has any information that could lead to identifying additional victims of Vafeades should contact the FBI at or call 304-625-3949.