PORTLAND, Maine — Portland city councilors will vote Monday night on two proposed ordinances that have generated controversy in Maine’s largest city.

The first would establish a five-cent fee for plastic or paper bags at stores within city limits. Supporters of the measure say it will encourage the use of reusable tote bags and reduce trash and litter in the city. But a number of people are worried about the impact a fee could have on shoppers.

The second ordinance would ban polystyrene foam food containers at restaurants. That includes any coffee cups or to-go fast food containers. Again, supporters say it would help clean up city streets. Opponents, especially restaurant owners, say it would increase costs.

If city councilors pass the bag fee, it would be the first such measure in the state and one of just a few in New England. The polystyrene foam ban would be similar to one passed in Freeport several years ago.

The meeting at which councilors will consider the proposed changes is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. Monday at City Hall.