NAPLES, Maine — Neighbors and campers are on edge after a frightening ordeal with a rabid fox.

It happened at a Naples campground, as well as a neighboring campground and other area on Rt. 114. Witnesses say a fox attacked several people, and was almost able to get into one woman’s home.

Anne Mason said she was attacked by the rabid fox at her home on Loons Haven Drive while her daughters watched. She said she came home with her daughters from grocery shopping recently to find the fox playing with her daughter’s soccer ball on her front lawn. Sensing something was wrong, she made sure her daughters stayed in the car until the fox had gone.

The fox came back about 20 minutes later, Mason said, and attacked her while she was in the garage trying to get her children out of the car. Mason said she had to fight it off with a shoe.

Mason said that she wants everyone to be aware of their surroundings and to call the game warden if they spot a wild animal acting strangely.

Both Mason and her daughters are OK. Mason was not bitten but she was exposed to the fox’s saliva, which can still be dangerous. Mason and her husband, who later helped kill and dispose of the animal, were vaccinated as a precaution.

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