BANGOR, Maine — State police and firefighters responded to a waste truck that dumped its load on Interstate 95 north of the Hogan Road exit Wednesday morning after the driver detected a fire, officials said.

The driver of the Pine Tree Waste Management truck extinguished the small fire in the load of cardboard using a fire extinguisher, according to Assistant General Manager Jim Dunning.

The name of the driver, who was not injured, was not disclosed. Dunning said it’s unclear where the driver was heading or what caused his load to ignite.

“It’s a cardboard load and somehow there was an ignition source,” Dunning said at the scene. “We’ve got to do our internal investigation to figure out what caused it.”

Dunning said the driver did the right thing by pushing his load off the truck and onto the shoulder of the road upon detecting the flames.

“The last thing you want is that truck going up in flames,” Dunning said.

Traffic was diverted to one lane northbound because of the incident, which was reported at approximately 8:15 a.m.

State Police were controlling traffic and Pine Tree and Maine Department of Transportation officials were collaborating to clean the scene up.

Ryan McLaughlin

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