MILLINOCKET, Maine — Representatives of a Portland architectural firm will discuss with school leaders later this month the feasibility of closing Granite Street School, Superintendent of Schools Frank Boynton said Wednesday.

Engineers from Smith Reuter Lull Architects of Portland and Bethel visited in June and July to examine the feasibility of closing Granite Street and placing its occupants at Stearns High School. The results of that work will be reviewed at a Millinocket School Committee meeting on Sept. 23, Boynton said.

“This is not a done deal. It is not even a planning step,” Boynton said Wednesday. “They were asked by folks here to look at it, and that’s what they are doing. It is not something that is in the works. We are not moving the children over. We just want to look at it and see whether it saves money or not.”

A motion at a meeting to close Granite Street School and this month fold its population into Stearns, which already accommodates middle school students, failed by a 2-1 vote on May 28.

School and town leaders considered the option during the last school year as part of efforts to save money in response to Great Northern Paper Co. LLC, the town’s largest taxpayer, auctioning off its equipment at its Katahdin Avenue industrial park site in June. That loss of $2.3 million in tax revenue would begin to affect the town and schools during the 2015-16 fiscal year.

Town leaders have a goal of cutting $3 million from town and school budgets over the next two years to compensate. Previous Superintendent Kenneth Smith estimated that closing Granite Street would save $202,403. Boynton replaced him on July 1. Smith announced his resignation on Dec. 4, 2013 saying he would not renew his contract at the end of the fiscal year.

Town leaders also have told the community that government and services would be reshaped to accommodate the town’s declining population. As of Wednesday, the school system had 500 students, down 32 from the school year that ended in June, Boynton said.

The architectural firm will present several drawings along with cost estimates during its presentation, Boynton said.