BANGOR, Maine — Gov. Paul LePage announced Wednesday that Burnham-based Pride Manufacturing Co. will produce the iconic American Lincoln Logs in Maine. LePage said the move to produce Lincoln Logs in Maine will create jobs for Mainers.

“I commend Pride Manufacturing for representing the best of Maine,” LePage said in a news release. “It shows that not only can our businesses compete on the world stage for internationally recognized brands, but also that Maine should be considered as a top choice when looking to bring back manufacturing. I look forward to seeing children across Maine and all over the world playing with this toy, knowing it was made in our state.”

Lincoln Logs currently are made in China by K’NEX Industries, which licenses the rights to sell Lincoln Logs from Hasbro Inc. While the wood pieces will be produced in Maine, some plastic pieces will continue to be made in China.

Larry Fannelle, senior vice president of operations for K’NEX, also praised Pride Manufacturing and said “we [K’NEX] couldn’t be happier to bring these jobs back to the United States and specifically to Maine.”

Randy Dicker, senior director of manufacturing at Pride’s Burnham facility, said that “the addition of Lincoln Logs is an exciting opportunity for us, and we’re proud to be able to say that this iconic toy is made right here in Maine.”

The Burnham facility has 130 full-time employees and may add up to 10 more positions to meet the production needs of Lincoln Logs. The company also produces golf tees.

Lincoln Logs were invented in 1916 by John Lloyd Wright, son of renowned architect Frank Lloyd Wright. He based the interlocking design on that used by the Imperial Hotel in Tokyo.