Bear bait numbers

I have read or heard many times about the “7 million” pounds of bear bait placed in the Maine woods and also how it has led to an increase in the bear population. I think that statement is ridiculous for the following reasons.

Maine is a huge state, while 7 million pounds is a lot, but it is only about 250 pounds per square mile in central and northern Maine. That’s about six pails of the granola and molasses I use. Throughout the entire season. It’s a drop in the bucket compared to what mother nature supplies with all the acorns, beechnuts, berries and carrion.

I have thousands of photos and videos of bears on my baits, and generally they come in and spend under 10 minutes on the bait. Then they leave until the next day or even several days later. They are not living on the bait but using it in addition to natural foods. Their biology would not allow them to eat too much of it. Probably one-third of all bait sites placed are unproductive or have no bears on them. That’s why guides and hunters like me set up multiple sites.

Lastly, who eats most of the bear bait? Those furry bandits called raccoons. Every night, I have seen as many as 10 raccoons on the bait. They clean it out nightly. So in all the “7 million” pounds is reduced greatly and is not at all what the anti-bear hunters make it seem.

Vote no on Question 1.

Keith Trembley


Fact checking LePage

With the recent and anticipated loss of about 1,000 jobs from the paper mills in the area, and other job losses across the state over the past four years, is anyone doing a fact check on Gov. Paul LePage’s claim of producing 20,000 jobs during his term? I frankly question that 20,000 new jobs have actually been created. Meanwhile, how many jobs have been lost? The media should be doing some fact checking.

Perham Amsden


Poliquin’s outdated dogma

Bruce Poliquin’s advertising blitz, financed by his wealth and big-time out-of-state tycoons, is filled with deceit, distortions and blatantly untrue statements. (I cannot turn on my TV or Internet without encountering his nonsense. It takes a lot of money to so completely blanket the media.) These are obvious evidence for why Maine voters should reject this Republican ideologue.

There is nothing middle-class friendly about Poliquin’s policies. His policies are based on Republican dogma (from 20 or 30 years ago), which has no historical or evidentiary support. Poliquin represents ideologues who want to repeal the 20th century.

Be informed and vote for bipartisan, middle-of-the-road Emily Cain, who has a record of

practicality and getting things done.

Don C. Payne, M.D.


Vote for Pearson

I have two words for the voters of House District 104: David Pearson. I have known Pearson for quite some time and truly believe he would make a great representative in Augusta. He is friendly and would be very accessible if you ever need his help. Vote for Pearson on Election Day.

Doug Pooler


Anne Perry vote

Dave Burns has been my state senator for two years. I have reached out to him on several occasions regarding issues that have concerned me and matter to Washington County. I have contacted him both by telephone at his home and the State House, as well as by email. I have never once received any response or even acknowledgement of my correspondence. It is my feeling that our elected officials need to be responsive to their constituents; it seems to me that is a big part of their job.

I want a state senator who will be responsive to my concerns and one I know will listen. Anne Perry will be getting my vote in November. She is a family nurse practitioner in Calais. She was a state legislator for eight years and chaired the Health and Human Services Committee. Perry was an effective leader in Augusta, and she knows how to get things done.

I know Perry personally and know that she is committed to listening to all her constituents and working on matters that impact Washington County. She will work tirelessly for the people of Washington County, and she will be responsive to everyone. Isn’t this what we should expect of our elected officials?

Ellen Farnsworth

Berry Township

Bellows the leader

This past summer, Sen. Susan Collins received national press coverage when she endorsed the freedom of same-sex couples to marry. So now, Collins and her challenger, Shenna Bellows, both support marriage equality.

The difference is that Bellows became a leader on this issue a decade ago. For many years, Bellows was one of the top two or three people in Maine working for fairness and justice for same-sex couples. Collins waited until nearly two years after Mainers endorsed the freedom to marry before she had the courage to come out in support of fairness and equal treatment under the law.

I’m pleased that Collins has finally found the courage to follow the lead of Bellows and the voters of Maine. In November, however, I will vote for the leader, Bellows, and not the follower, Collins.

Rev. J. Mark Worth


Re-elect Gratwick

Geoff Gratwick is a relentless advocate for his constituents and epitomizes what the voters of Hermon seek in their state senator. As a freshman lawmaker, he was named Senate Chair of the Joint Insurance and Finance Committee. His experience running his medical office gives him a practical understanding of both insurance and hospital billing practices. As a member of the Environmental and Natural Resources Committee, Gratwick has led the fight to keep toxic chemicals away from our children.

As a nine-year veteran of the Bangor City Council, he understands municipal government. He is a frequent attendee at Town Council meetings and helped facilitate a solution to the Hermon Town Council–School Board discussion about boundaries.

During his time in Augusta, Gratwick has helped avert the disastrous raid on truck excise taxes and restored cuts in revenue sharing. These two actions saved Hermon taxpayers over $900,000, and it kept our mill rate low. Looking to Hermon’s future development, he helped broker a deal getting natural gas to our industrial park.

Join me this November in re-electing Gratwick.

Kurt A. Keef


Election notice

The Bangor Daily News will stop accepting letters and commentary related to the Nov. 4 election on Monday, Oct. 27. We will stop publishing election-related letters and columns with the Nov. 1-2 edition. Not all submissions can be printed.