The best type of art projects are ones that don’t require a lot of preparation or supplies, and end with something you can give as a gift. Most of the projects I’m sharing today can be done any time of year, but this week are themed around Valentine’s Day. Give them to grandparents, parents or good friends, but most importantly, have fun and enjoy creating a little mess.

Heart suncatchers


Wax paper

Clothes iron


Cheese grater
Optional: Hole punch and ribbon

Grate different colored crayons onto the waxy side of a large sheet of wax paper. When there is a thin, even layer of grated wax on the wax paper, place another sheet on top and iron the two pieces together. Let the wax paper cool and cut into heart shapes. Hang using a ribbon or tape to windows and watch the sun shine through.

Helpful hint: Keep the wax toward the center of the paper to avoid having it ooze out and ruin your iron.

Paper heart animals

Colored construction paper



Cut out a variety of hearts in all different sizes and colors. Create animal faces using the hearts. A large heart can serve as a head, two small black hearts can become eyes, a pink heart glued upside down makes a pretty convincing nose and two medium-shaped hearts glued to the outside of the large one make great ears.

Helpful hint: Print out a few pictures of animals and have your children identify and replicate heart shapes in their features.

Cookie cutter painting

Washable paint

Heart-shaped cookie cutters


Pour a layer of paint in a shallow dish or on a paper plate. Dip the sharp side of a cookie cutter in the paint and press onto a sheet of paper. Repeat in various colors or sizes until the desired design is achieved.

Helpful hint: Mix in a few different shapes to create fun, unique patterns.

Homemade crayons

Unwrapped, broken crayons of different colors

A mold — muffin tins and silicone baking trays work great


Unwrap and break different colored crayons and fill molds with pieces. Bake at 250 degrees for 20 minutes or until all of the crayons have melted. Let the hot wax cool and remove the crayons.

Helpful hint: Try mixing colors for a one-of-a-kind crayon or add glitter to the wax for a sparkly touch.

Starburst clothespin wreath


50 plain clothespins

Scrapbook paper or washi tape

Cardboard ring about one inch thick

Ribbon to hang

Helpful hint: Use thick cardboard so the weight of the clothespins doesn’t cause the wreath to warp


Cut out a cardboard ring about one inch thick. Cover the top of the clothespins with washi tape or glue on cut scrapbook paper. Alternate colors or prints every few clothespins to create a pattern. Clip the pins around the entire cardboard ring and tie a ribbon to the top for hanging.

Natalie Feulner

Natalie Feulner is a journalist and “semi-crunchy” cloth diapering momma to a rambunctious toddler named after a county in California. She drinks too much tea and loves to climb rocks but not at the...