MACHIASPORT, Maine — A Machiasport man accused of stealing two outboard boat motors has been arrested.

Christopher Wood, 26, was arrested at about 10 a.m. April 2, the day after the thefts were reported, according to Deputy Timothy Carter of the Washington County sheriff’s office. Wood has been charged with theft and violating conditions of release. He had been out on bail following an arrest on unrelated charges. Carter did not know the nature of the other charges.

The motors were taken from two separate skiffs at the public landing in Machiasport, according to the deputy.

One of the motors was recovered at about 8 a.m. Thursday.

Carter said he was interviewing one of the victims when a vehicle pulled up and the driver asked what they were talking about. The man said he had heard a boat motor had been stolen from Machiasport.

Carter told the man that was correct and described the motor. The man said he just purchased a motor matching that description from Wood. The man turned over the motor.

“I spoke to Mr. Wood, and he eventually confessed,” Carter said.

Carter said he later found out where the other motor was and planned to retrieve it later Thursday.

The motors were valued at a total of about $1,000, the deputy said.

Machias police Chief Grady Dwelley and Sgt. Brandon Parker from the sheriff’s office assisted in the investigation, Carter said.