LUBEC, Maine — A Christmas gift for their parents led three sisters to organize a party for a good cause.

King Neptune’s Brides Bash and Splash, set to start at 3 p.m. April 11 at Frank’s Dockside Restaurant, will raise money for the Lost Fishermen’s Memorial Association.

In the fall of 2013, Lubec residents and sisters Jolene Doran, Wanda Corey and Shelly Tinker decided the ideal gift for their parents would be a photo taken of them on the beach.

“Wouldn’t it be funny if we all wore ball gowns?” Corey suggested.

The problem was they didn’t all have ball gowns.

“[But] we all have wedding gowns,” Doran said.

So they had their photo taken on the beach in their wedding gowns in November 2013. It was 22 degrees and snowing at the time, they said.

After Christmas, they posted pictures of their photo session on Facebook.

“The women went wild,” Corey said of their friends and relatives.

“Everybody wanted to do it,” Tinker added.

After Julie Kreen, a Lubec fisherwoman, suggested they organize a fundraiser, the first King Neptune’s Brides Bash was held on March 8 last year. The event raised about $5,000 with donations coming from participants as well as other individuals and businesses.

“It was a little boon in the dead of winter,” said Doran.

This year’s event will be similar. For a $35 fee, guests can come enjoy food and drink. They must come in costume, however. A wedding dress, ball gown or nautical costume is required.

“These women really got inventive and creative with their costumes,” Doran said of last year’s inaugural event.

Although most of the attendees are women, men do participate. They must also be in costume and can be dressed as a groom or an “old salt.”

Last year, a man came dressed as King Neptune. They also had someone in an octopus costume and several mermaids.

The women will show off their costumes at about 4:30 p.m. when a parade through town kicks off.

Just before the parade, at about 4 p.m., a queen will be crowned. Because the organizers didn’t want to turn it into a competition, the queen will be chosen by having her name drawn out of a hat, the sisters said.

“She has a sash and a crown and she tosses the bouquet,” said Doran.

Anyone who wishes to participate is invited. For more information, visit King Neptune’s Brides on Facebook or contact Corey at 733-8828.