Clint Chadbourne and his family were on their way back to Portland from Massachusetts, where they were visiting relatives over Easter.

But when he tried to get out of the car at a rest area, Chadbourne, 71, of Portland, found himself trapped by his seatbelt.

“He tried to get out and he couldn’t. He was stuck,” said his wife, Bonnie. “I really thought we were going to have to call the fire department.”

Hey, it happens. But in this case, his struggle from freedom was caught on video by his daughter, Kelly, who eventually managed to extricate her dad from the seatbelt.

Bonnie, 67, later posted the video on Facebook, where it’s been viewed nearly 30 million times.

“It’s really out of control. The only thing we can say is we are thrilled to think we could make [so many people] laugh,” Bonnie said.

The best part is Chadbourne’s reaction — he panics, but with classic Maine stoicism.

After you’ve watched it, and had a chuckle, try to remember that something like this could happen to any one of us. We each have our own “I got stuck in a seatbelt” story.

What’s yours?

Dan MacLeod

Dan MacLeod is the managing editor of the Bangor Daily News. He's an Orland native who moved to Portland in 2002 and now lives in Unity. He's been a journalist since 2008, and previously worked for the...