BANGOR, Maine — Nearly 20 perfect scores have been recorded at the Family Fun Bowling Center in Bangor this season, but its most recent may have been its most impressive from 79-year-old Hermon native Doug Moore, who rolled the perfect 300 on May 8.

He notched the milestone during the Friday morning Senior League and the performance caught the eye of Andy Meucci, the owner of the bowling center and a longtime friend of Moore’s.

“This season it’s happened 16 or 17 times, but there’s never been anyone that’s been as old as Doug who has gotten a perfect game here,” Meucci, who has been friends with Moore for over 40 years, said.

“It’s quite a feat for someone that old to do that,” he added.

A perfect game is achieved by bowling 12 strikes in a row in a single game.

Moore started bowling nearly 40 years ago and competes regularly throughout the week. He can often be found at the Family Fun Bowling Center, where he competes in five different leagues per week.

In a sport that requires dexterity, balance and focus, Moore insists he hasn’t dealt with any physical problems while bowling, despite his age. Not a huge competitor to begin with, Moore says bowling offers him peace as well as a form of exercise.

He appreciates the game for its simplicity and enjoys the kind nature of the sport. He’s motivated by his improvement and believes he can still get better.

“I don’t consider myself a real competitive bowler,” he said. “It’s just the better you bowl, the better you feel.”

As a token for his longevity, Moore buys a new bowling ball every year and has enjoyed the success bowling has brought to him over the years. Friday’s 300 game was his fourth career perfect score and his first since 2005, when he accomplished the feat during a men’s league competition at the Family Fun Bowling Center.

Moore’s age has yet to slow him down, and he says he will keep bowling as long as his body allows him to do it.

“It’s a good form of exercise for me. Whether it’s walking or bowling, I try to stay as active as I can,” he said.

“It’s like any sport, you try to get better,” he added. “As a bowler, you always try to get a perfect score. Some days you have good days, some days you don’t have it.”

Moore advocates for bowling and enjoys the family-style camaraderie that it brings. He appreciates the atmosphere every time he walks into the bowling center and hopes to see more people participate.

“It’s a great sport for anybody at any age,” he said.