PORTLAND, Maine — As many kids headed back to school Tuesday, others are doing so by turning on their computer.

Maine Connections Academy is the state’s first online charter school. It is the second year for the school, which has a waiting list of 200.

For students like Marie Christian, who had a tough time with bullying in her public high school, this has been a great option.

“I have always liked the learning part of school, the academic stuff. That’s what makes me happy. But with the social stuff and all the bullying that goes on, that kind of took out the joy from learning new things,” Christian said.

“It basically allows us to get to know the individual student, really get to know what their needs are, and how they flourish in the academic environment,” Principal Karl Francis said.

There are currently more than 300 students enrolled. They take classes from their home and can log on to the curriculum any time. The school meets all state standards.