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There are certain things that you just need to know if you’re going camping: You need to know how to pitch a tent; you need to know how to start a fire. If you fish, you need to know how to cast the line and set the hook And you need to know how to pack for a camping trip.

These are the kinds of basic skills that most Mainers learn at an early age through Boy or Girl scouts, or by virtue of the fact that we live in a state that’s 89 percent forest.

But some outdoors novices might not have any idea how to do some basic tasks.

So here are three super-simple guides built by Personal Creations. There are plenty of ways to start a fire. (I argue that a log cabin structure is better.) And there are a ton of different tent designs, so this particular illustration might not match yours.

Consider these starting points for people too embarrassed to ask basic questions.


And here’s what the site says is a good packing list for a camping trip. I’d also add a camp ax or hatchet for splitting kindling, a cutting board, a basic survival kit, and a cooler for drinks and food.

What else would you add?


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