SOUTH PORTLAND, Maine — When Timothy Somers anchored his boat in South Portland Tuesday night, he thought it would be his safe haven from the storm. It turned out to be anything but.

Somers told CBS 13, “The wind was blowing harder and harder and the water was getting choppy and I had to get going, I couldn’t just sit there.” He tried to back his boat away from the public dock when the water got rough on Wednesday but it was too late. Somers said, “A big, humongous wave came over, grabbed me, flipped me around 180 degrees, and sat me right here.”

The waves sat him on an old, broken dock a couple hundred feet away from the dock he was trying to pull out of. Somers said, “I didn’t even know there was anything here, it was all completely covered with water.”

Somers is trying to get to the Carolinas to donate his boat to a man starting a wounded veterans program. He’s spent the last year finding a boat he could afford to buy and fix up. Somers told CBS 13, “I’m thinking this is something I’d like to do, so I got on the phone and talked to Boat Angels and I looked around for awhile. They said, ‘There’s a boat but you probably won’t get it.’”

He bid on the boat and didn’t think he would get it because he said he bid very low. But he did, so he got on his motorcycle and drove all the way to Pittston, Maine, to pick up the boat. Somers says he spent all the money he had getting to Maine and repairing the boat. Being stuck on the dock is an expense he says he can’t afford. Somers says he was told it would cost $6,000 to lift the boat off the pier and put him on the land.

Somers said he doesn’t know what he’s going to do, but said there is a silver lining: “There’s not one puncture on this boat … for the rocking and the banging on the high beams there, this is absolutely a miracle.”

He says he knows, somehow, he’s going to be OK. He said, “We’ve been through some hard times, so actually this is nothing.”

If anyone is willing or able to help Somers, he can be reached on his cellphone at 530-263-2877 or by email at