No Medicaid coverage for abortions

Rep. Chellie Pingree’s Nov. 19 Bangor Daily News OpEd was well-crafted but missed the mark. She laments the plight of the pregnant, low-income woman who doesn’t have the financial wherewithal for an abortion. She implies politics blocks poor women from receiving health care by not paying for their abortions.

Why is it that pro-choice extremists demand “keeping the government out of private decisions between a woman and her doctor” unless it comes to government funding of abortions? With mind-numbing irony, Pingree decries “politics” while leading the pro-choice charge, demanding taxpayer-funded abortions.

Let me be clear. Abortion is not health care. In fact, abortion is the opposite of care. It is an elective procedure that violently takes the life of earth’s most defenseless being: the innocent unborn child. Studies also show that abortion hurts women physically and emotionally as well.

No woman should be forced to raise a child she feels unable or unwilling to care for. But that child does not deserve the death penalty for her mother’s decision. Fortunately, there are millions of loving people waiting desperately to step in as adoptive parents. The violence of abortion is never the answer to an undesired pregnancy.

Taxpayers should not be bullied into paying for anyone’s elective procedure. And no taxpayer’s hard earned money should be used to take the life of an innocent preborn child. That’s putting politics above people, especially our most defenseless.

Teresa McCann-Tumidajski

Executive director

Maine Right to Life Committee


Let’s not give into fear

After Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, did we think that all people from New York, his home state, were terrorists? What about all the American terrorists in our country who shoot innocent elementary school children and their teachers, or open fire in movie theaters, on campuses and military bases? Do we want to punish their families, their neighbors, their home states? Should we mark all their relations as terrorists, too?

Some will say those situations are different. These shooters were disturbed. Well, do they think the leaders and followers of ISIS and other like groups are not disturbed?

Is this America, or are we becoming a nation of fearful, irrational and xenophobic paranoids? We are not that are we? Please, dear Americans, let us live up to our ideals and not act the way ISIS and other groups, including some of our politicians, want us to act. Otherwise, even if there is no dictator, we risk becoming fascists.

John Pincince


America responsible for refugee crisis

Since it was an American who initially lit the fire that eventually caused this refugee crisis, it would seem that we should take responsibility for their safety, because if Saddam Hussein were still in power today there would be no ISIS nor a refugee crisis. And the recent attack in Paris would not have happened. So, let’s take in those fleeing refugees who are escaping the conflagration that we were initially responsible for and give them shelter. It is the right thing to do.

Eliot J. Chandler


Emails worse than guns?

I find it odd that, as noted by the Los Angeles Times editorial board in the Nov. 24 Bangor Daily News Other Voice, U.S. senators find encrypted email to be a threat to national security, yet there is no mention of assault rifles.

Jim Alciere

East Machias