FARMINGTON, Maine — A man from Industry was scammed out of $1,000 after two men claiming to be FBI agents showed up at his residence informing him he had won a sweepstakes, according to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

The men in dark suits showed up Feb. 27 and told the man, whose name was not disclosed, that he won $800,000 in sweepstakes in Las Vegas, according to Franklin County Sheriff Scott Nichols.

The scammers then informed the victim that someone else had tried to use his name and social security number in Florida to claim the money, and he had to call a number and speak to a man claiming to be a customs agent, Nichols said.

The man masquerading as the agent subsequently told the victim he had to send $1,000 to an account to claim the sweepstakes winnings that was being held in Florida, and the $1,000 was sent to an address in Jamaica, Nichols said.

A few days later, the victim received another call from the phony customs agent and was told he needed to send an additional $1,250, upon which the victim became suspicious and called police, Nichols said.

Lt. David St. Laurent subsequently called the number the victim had been using to communicate with the scammer, who identified himself as a customs agent out of Washington, D.C., and gave St. Laurent the same story he told the victim, Nichols said.

“He was very convincing, but when asked questions about the money and why it was in Florida, [the scammer] stumbled with his answers and eventually hung up,” Nichols said.

Research of the phone number done by St. Laurent revealed the number was a scam, and police want to advise the public that officers will never come to your residence to inform you that you have won a sweepstakes.

Ryan McLaughlin

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