Trump the president we deserve

On March 6, the BDN editorial board wrote that it is disgusted by Donald Trump, but it is too bad that the editorial board doesn’t understand that Trump is the president we deserve.

Those of us who realize who Trump is and what he stands for also recognized who Dr. Ben Carson is and what he stands for.

Glennice Cline


Collapsing industries

First, the shoe shops closed, but we continued to wear shoes. Next, the textile companies left. No one lacked for clothes or bedding.

Then the paper companies folded. Paper towels and tissues still are in abundance, and no corncobs are used in bathrooms. We read about it all in newspapers and magazines, watched our mills being torn down and our people end up without work.

What’s next?

Suzanne L. Pelletier


Time to rethink right to bear arms

The prevalence of gun violence in our society requires us to take another look at the late Justice Antonin Scalia’s rationale for a constitutional “right to keep and bear arms” as a means of maintaining “the security of a free state.”

That right is contingent and hinges on the continuing need for a militia trained and led for the specific purpose of homeland defense. It was never absolute. Today we have a great variety of professional defenders in local police departments, county sheriff’s offices, state police, National Guard units and armed forces on land, sea and in the skies. As an amendment to the Constitution, the individual right to bear arms has been rendered obsolete by changing times.

The consequences of the Second Amendment in these days of handguns and automatic weapons are not what the ratifiers of the Bill of Rights had in mind in 1791. We have far outrun our need for a people’s militia.

Steve Perrin

Bar Harbor

Stop the politics, save the mills

As the pending demise of the paper industry claims the mill in Madison, it’s about time election year politics are put on hold and our elected officials do something to address this crisis.

We allowed the paper manufacturing industry to go elsewhere. Just like the shift to wood chip processing of excess wood, biomass and a much cleaner forestry is just emerging on the large scale. The skills to sustain paper manufacturing are readily available in Maine.

Gov. Paul LePage needs to stop his political maneuvering and step up to the leadership role we elected him to fulfill. I’d like to suggest a blue ribbon panel of paper, transportation and other related industries to come up with solutions.

My bet is that LePage would be hard put to find men and women to serve on such a panel to address the needs of the paper industry unless he learns how to sit down at a conference table, shut his mouth and listen to real experts, who are taking their time to mitigate further erosion of the industry.

Wallace Sinclair


Don’t tarnish Maine’s beauty

I’m originally from Trenton, New Jersey. I hated living there for many reasons, not the least of which was the filth, trash and graffiti everywhere. For the last 11 years, I’ve lived in Maine and love it. I am, however, very sad to see the deterioration that has taken place over time.

It used to be that I could drive anywhere in Maine and all I saw was natural beauty and normal structures. Now, after 11 years, I see graffiti everywhere and trash on the roads. It saddens me to see this happening.

What’s next? A few billboards to hide the beauty that is our state? It’s beginning to look a lot like New Jersey. Is this the Maine we remember? Is it the Maine that has drawn millions of visitors every year?

I’m not putting anyone down or trying to be negative, but I really would like to see the people of Maine return to the stewardship of the land that has made this one of most beautiful states in the nation. Stop throwing trash out the car window, stop graffiti tagging. Let’s be proud of Maine and Mainers once again.

Kevin McGarry