LIMESTONE, Maine — For the second time this month, the remnants of methamphetamine manufacturing have been discovered on the side of a road in this community.

Limestone police Chief Stacey Mahan said in a statement released Thursday evening that a member of the public turned in a suspicious bottle earlier that day that the individual had found on the side of the road.

The chief did not specify which road, and he was not available for comment Friday.

Mahan wrote in the release that his department contacted the Maine Drug Enforcement Agency, and agents confirmed that the bottle contained the remnants of the “shake and bake” method of making methamphetamine.

Also commonly called the “one-pot” method, the process uses a single sealed container which is generally flipped upside down to cause the reaction needed to turn several toxic ingredients into methamphetamine.

Mahan added that officials from the state Department of Environmental Protection also were called to the scene to dispose of the bottle.

Police in Limestone found another large soda bottle with similar evidence of drug manufacturing on Bog Road on March 15.

On Thursday evening, the chief again warned residents that bottles used in the one-pot method are hazardous.

“If you come across a discarded container and you suspect it has been used for the manufacturing of meth, please do not touch it,” said Mahan. “Leave it where it is and contact the police department immediately so we can contact the agencies needed for its proper handling.”