McCabe’s stance on ballot questions

Rep. Jeff McCabe in his Aug. 1 Bangor Daily News OpEd expresses his condemnation about an out-of-state billionaire funding groups behind the Yes on 3 campaign for background checks. Was McCabe equally appalled by the out-of-state funding in support of the same-sex marriage initiative and the bear baiting initiative on past ballots? If yes, I commend his consistency. If no, I deplore his hypocrisy of using the Constitution for partisan political gain.

Hanns Peter Muth

Spruce Head

Separation of church and state

Carroll Conley writes in a July 30 BDN letter to the editor about how thankful he is that Maine’s Senate is led by “three Christian men.” I do not doubt Conley’s faith journey nor the beliefs of the men he mentions.

I do doubt his knowledge and awareness of the First Amendment of the Constitution. An editorial from the Orange County Register in the same edition of the paper quoted Thomas Jefferson about a truly valuable wall: a wall of separation between church and state.

Les Myers

Old Town

Trump a problem for the elite

Since 1954, the wealthiest, most powerful people in the world or their representatives (the Bilderberg Group) commandeer a luxury resort each year for a few days and update their plans for us peasants. They usually meet just before the G7 heads meet. Their orders are then transmitted to the G7 heads.

Every president since George H.W. Bush has been a Bilderberger, as is Hillary Clinton. But Donald Trump is not. His calls to return jobs back to the U.S. (among others) are contrary to the Bilderberger’s cheap labor goal.

It will be interesting to see whether the Bilderbergers try to derail Trump’s presidential campaign.

Steve Swan


Don’t abandon the political revolution

Mainers who supported Bernie Sanders need to decide where their loyalties lie and vote to rest their heads in good conscience every night for the next four years.

Sanders supporters are angry, distraught and worried for democracy. The revelations from Wikileaks are abominable. The treatment of the Sanders campaign is undemocratic and downright nasty. The bullying from friends who want to blame a potential Donald Trump presidency on his supporters is undeserved and hurtful. I understand why many of them will leave the Democratic Party because it has not earned their allegiance.

But Sanders supporters should not turn their backs on Democrats Troy Jackson of Allagash, Diane Denk of Kennebunkport, Rep. Deane Rykerson of Kittery and Rep. Robert Saucier of Presque Isle. These folks are on the ballot for November, in addition to other “Berniecrats.” As a Maine delegate for Sanders, I spent a week in Philadelphia standing side-by-side with these candidates on behalf of Sanders supporters from Maine, and they stood with Sanders supporters, and they deserve their vote.

It’s time to turn our focus on what bonds us. It’s time to throw our energy behind Berniecrats in our state who share our progressive values. It’s time to take our revolution to the Maine Senate and House. If we divide ourselves down-ballot, we destroy what we have built. Sanders took 68 percent of Maine’s Democratic delegates. Sanders supporters leave the party if they must, but stay strong with the movement. The best revenge is voting well.

Liz Smith