BELFAST — Preseason practices for Belfast High School teams begin on Monday, Aug. 15. The times are: golf, 3-6 p.m. at Northport Golf Course; football, 7-10 a.m.; field hockey, 9-11 a.m. and 5-7 p.m., followed by parent meeting at 7 p.m.; boys soccer, 8-10 a.m. and 4:30-6:30 p.m.; girls soccer, 8-10 a.m., 6-8 p.m.; cross country, 9 a.m.


CORINTH — A mandatory parents athletic information night will be held for Central High School at 6 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 16 at the high school gym. Tryouts for Central sports teams begin Monday, Aug. 15. Field hockey: 5-7 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday; 3-5 p.m. Tuesday. Cross country: 8-9:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. Boys soccer: 5:30-8 p.m. Monday, Wednesday; 3-5 p.m. Tuesday. Girls soccer: 5:30-7:30 p.m. Monday, Wednesday; 3-5 p.m. Tuesday.

Foxcroft Academy

DOVER-FOXCROFT — All Foxcroft Academy fall sports preseason practices are scheduled to begin on Monday, Aug. 15. Practice times are: Football, 9-11 a.m. and 4-6 p.m., Boys soccer, M-W-F 4-7 p.m. and T-Th 2:30-5p. m., Girls Soccer, 4:15-6:30 p.m., Field Hockey, 6-8:30 p.m., Cheering, 3:30-5:30 p.m., Cross Country, 5-7 p.m., and Golf 3-5 p.m. at Foxcroft Golf Club. Student-athletes must complete ImPACT testing before becoming  involved in any contract sport. Testing before the preseason is available on Friday, Aug. 12, from 9 a.m. to noon in the school library. If you are a new student or have not had a sports physical in the last two years, you need to have one before you can practice. For more info, contact Tim Smith, 564-8351 or


BAR HARBOR — Sports physicals for Mount Desert Island fall athletes will be offered on Aug. 12, and 15 at the high school. All freshmen, juniors and new students will need to have a physical before they will be allowed to participate. Call 288-5011, ext. 3400 or 3300 to schedule an appointment. Any questions, contact athletic director Bunky Dow, 288-5011, ext. 3327 or


NEWPORT — Nokomis High School students interested in playing a fall sport must attend tryouts and have a current physical to participate. Any questions, call the school at 368-4354. The tryout schedule for all grades on Monday, Aug. 15 is: boys soccer, 4:30-6:15 p.m.; field hockey, 8-10 a.m., 5-7 p.m., parent night at 7 p.m.; girls soccer, 7-8 a.m., 6:30-8 p.m.; golf, 10 a.m. to noon at Palmyra Golf Course; football, 8-11 a.m.

Old Town

OLD TOWN — Practice for the Old Town High School golf team will begin noon-3 p.m. Monday, Aug. 15, at Hidden Meadows Golf Course, 240 West Old Town Road. There will be no cuts and all skill levels will be accommodated. For information, call Coach Joe Perdue at Hidden Meadows Golf Course at 827-4779. Students new to the school district and incoming freshman, must get a physical examination in order to practice with the team.


ORONO — Orono High School’s Fall Sports Information Night General Session is 6 p.m. Sunday, Aug. 14, in the high school gymnasium followed by individual sport breakout sessions at 6:20 p.m. All students participating in a fall sport must have a physical, signed contract, and white medical card completed before starting practices on Monday, Aug.15. For more info, please contact athletic director Mike Archer at


MILO — The following are the starting dates for fall sports at Penquis Valley Schools: HS girls soccer, Monday, Aug. 15, 7-8:30 a.m.; HS boys soccer, Monday, Aug. 15, 8:30-10 a.m.; middle school boys soccer, Monday, Aug. 22, 10-11:30 a.m.; middle school girls soccer, Monday, Aug. 22, 3:30-5 p.m.. All practices are at Harris Field on Elm Street in Milo. All players participating must have proof of a physical for the first day of tryouts. For questions, call athletic director Jason Mills at 478-3249.


HOWLAND — Penobscot Valley High School tryouts begin Monday, Aug. 15. All players need to have updated physicals and paperwork passed in prior to the tryouts.



At Point Sebago GC

B and C Championship

GROSS CLASS B: Mike Dezelan 155/139,  Joe Nappi Jr 157/143,  Greg Bither 160/146,  Shawn Casey 162/148,  Mike Arsenault 164/148; NET B: Wayne Johnson 161/139,  Trent Murphy 158/140,  Richard Campbell 168/144,  Daniel Honan 169/145,  Bill Fenderson 172/146,  Chip Morrison 168/146; GROSS CLASS C: Jack Welch 165/137,  Rick Fortier 168/142,  Chris Bieber 171/143,  Carl Poirier 175/147,  Peter Greenwood 176/146; NET C: Michael Francoeur 166/138,  Ron Looman 171/141,  Michael Daniels 184/144,  Ira McLain 185/145,  Bob Farthing 206/146


At Northport GC

Scotch Foursome — Gross: 1. Terry Whitney, Roxie Whitney (38); Net: 1 tie Mike Rovinski, Allison Hawthorne, Tom Tuttle, Jeanne Tuttle (31). 3 tie Mike Darres, Shirley Caler, Bryant Dutch, Jenna Caler, Bill Pickford, Annie Pickford (33). 6 tie. John Dimier, Dana Dimier, Dan Eaton, Leslie Eaton, Slim Peaslee, Barbara Peaslee, Jesse Johnson, Sandra Johnson (34)

At Lucerne Golf Club

Senior Thursday Scramble Results — 1st Dave Robertson, Bill Ferris, Russ Black; (-7); 2nd Ron Allen, Bob McKenney, Richard Baker, Bob Wilks (-6); 3rd Barry Harris, Bob Fraser, Mac Cassell, Bill Michaud II; (-5); Bill Brooks, Grant Lee, Jim Bonzey (-5); David Ward, Doug Deans, Johnny Lee, Tom Winston (-5); Richard St. Pierre, Ron Palmer, Whitney Lavene, Ted Pierson (-4); Richard Skorski, Bill Michaud I,  Ben Sawyer, Carl Williams (-4); Paul Bowden, Mike Dore, Royce Morrison, Bob Carter (-4); Lloyd Deans, Bob Landis, Mark Johnson, Kerry Woodbury (-3); Marcelle Whitney, Ken Goldstein, Jim Mabry, Dennis Kiah (-2); Alan Cust, Howard Flewelling, Charlie Perkins, Russ Nealey (-1); Pins: No. 2 Bill Brooks 9-1, No. 6 Ted Pierson 1-3.

At Hermon Meadow Golf Club

Thursday Stableford League — 1.  John Trott, Hal Stewart +9, 2. Ken Hodgdon, Ron Jones +7, 3. (tie) Tim McCluskey, Brian Treadwell +6, Tracy Gran, Jr., Tim Newcomb +6, Greg Shorey, Mike Cole +6, 6. (tie) Al Stuber, Bruce Dunifer +4, Allen Hussey, Mel Rooney +4, Pins: No. 3 Greg Black 1-10, No. 16 Tracy Gran, Jr. 8-10, Skins: No. 1 Kent Johnson, No. 16 Tracy Gran, Jr., No. 18 Ron Jones

At Rockland GC

Ladies Association Gross/Net/Putts — A Flight: 1. Gross Nancy Carlson 91; 1. Net Molly Mugler 72; Putts (tie) Sue Wootton, Arlene Adams 33; B Flight: 1. Gross Kathy Macpherson 98; 1. Net Janice Ogier 69; Putts (tie) Kathy Macpherson, Janice Ogier 34; Pins: No. 5 Molly Mugler 10-11; No. 10 Nancy Carlson 2-2; No. 18 Molly Mugler 14-9

At Bangor Municipal GC

Ladies Day Solheim Cup — Red Team defeated the Blue Team 12.5 to 11.5. Red team: Liz Coffin-Sue Roberts-Shelley Drillen-Karen Bamford-Marilyn Rice-Sandy Meehan-Ilse Pfander-Kathy Anderson-Diane Herring-Nancy Hart-Claudette Amoroso-Darthea Tilley-Dottie Cerbone-Joy Standbrook-Gwen Archambault and Hilda Wardwell.  Blue team: Judy Richard-Vi Kemp-Anne Pooler-Robin Ashe-Jean Young-Gloria Attenweiler-Janet Anderson-Carole Cook-Kathy Constantine-Marlene Viger-Marilyn Hughes-Brenda Crosby-Marie MacMillan-Beth Wolverton-Rachel Lapointe-Linda Libby.  Pins: 3 Shelley Drillen 10-6, 3 Liz Coffin 33-0, 6 Coffin 9-10, 6 Robin Ashe 15-1, 11 Kathy Constantine 5-10, 11 Marilyn Rice 9-5, 16  Marlene Viger 8-9, 16 Liz Coffin 14-0; Closest to the line: Anne Pooler

At Pine Hill GC, Brewer

Brewer FCU Men’s League — 1. Larry Brooks, Dylan Bunker, Tyler Brooks -5 2. Jim Nadeau, Bob Denner, Adam Doody -4 3. Steve Cyr, Bruce Blanchard, Dave Dumont -3 4. Tim Bunker, Al Kennedy, Chris Brochu -3 5. Kolby Brooks, Shawn Sutherland, Wayne Hallett -3 6. Craig Carson, Phil Frost, Stephen Williams -3 7. Alan Higgins, Ryan Hanscom, Brandon Scovil -3 8. Joe Cyr, Thom Tardiff, Zach Brochu -3 9. Steve Allen, Larry Freeman, Pat Doody -2 10. Joe Brochu, Larry Ellis, Tim Brochu -1 11. Rich Stegmer, Barry DeFilipp, Tony Pinette -1: Pins: No. 7 Tyler Brooks 2-10

At Country View GC, Brooks

Ladies Invitational Scramble, Members and Guests — 1. Susan Hart, Chris Miles, Donna Short, Nancy Carney 33, putts 11; 2. Sharon Todd, Joette Fields, Paula Grindle 34, putts 14; 3. (tie) Donna Nason, Ida Francis, Linda Potter, Becky Lajoie 36, putts 10; 3. (tie) Judy Arsenault, Mary Ginn, Carol Dilkes 36, putts 13; 5. (tie) Judy Hall, Jean Jordan, Jane Sturgeon, Bobbie Grotton 40, putts 13; 5. (tie) Jean Raven, Vivian Finley, Janice Gran, Pam Anderson 40, 17 putts; Pins: No. 4 Sharon Todd, 15-6, No. 9 Nancy Carney 6-9

At Rocky Knoll CC, Orrington

Ladies League — Pat Lefebevre, Ellen Libby, Rachel LaPointe, Shelly Drillen 78; Jill Russell, Wanda Crowell, Jackie Barker, Bonnie Robertson, Joyce Stevenson 82; Liz Champeon, Charlotte Dunifer, Nancy Koziol, Kristany Townsend 91; Charlotte Mason, Irene Woodford, Laura Wheeler, Barbara Bryant 92; Pins: No 5 Bonnie Robertson.

At Piscataquis CC, Guilford

Thursday Night String Scramble — Net: 1.Michael Wasilewski, Randy Martel, David Clukey, 27; Tiebreaker; 2. Wayne Clukey, Sue Perkins, Mike Brown, 27; 3. Jason Goggin, Joe Tomlinson, Norm Bridge, 28; 4. Joey McArthur, Mike Schnieder, Bob Bradford, 29; 5. Frank Rollins, Debbie Wasilewski, Kevin Sargent, 31; 6. Bill Kirby, Roberta Kirby, Butch Goodwin, 33; Pins: No. 6 Randy Martel 9-9, Norman Bridge 26-0

At Kebo Valley Club, Bar Harbor

Men’s Twilight League — Sweeps: 1. Richard Collier, Basil Eleftheriou +3, 2. Jim Barkhouse, Les Harbour +2, 3. Gary Adler, Carew Blythe, Chris Cambridge, Justin Erskine, Jim McFarland, Karl Hallett +1; Pins: No. 6. Jake Merchant 1-3, No. 9. Kyle Nicholson 1-7

At Dexter Muni GC

Senior Scramble — Gross: Dee Richardson, Ken Pooler, Joe Keaveney, Urban Clukey and Jim Chapman, Joe Knapp, Don Swan, Don Berry 31; Two Man Scramble — Gross: Randy Moulton, Ed Walker 33; Net: Sean Farnsworth, Paul Farnsworth and Rick Smith, Jim-Bob Hartford 29 Jason Clukey, Brandon Vafiades 32; Pins: No. 13 Brandon Vafiades 12-0, Dale Wright 24-3

Harness racing

Scarborough Downs

Friday’s starters, 4:30 p.m.


1. Strong Commitment (Jo Beckwith)

2. Im A Rainbow (Pa Battis)

3. Madison Muscle (Ma Athearn)

4. Deli-Craze (Da Ingraham)

5. Tr Connor (Ru Goodblood Jr)

6. Answered Prayers (Wi Campbell)


1. Orange County (Ma Athearn)

2. Moms Winnie (Wa Watson)

3. Lipstick Girl (Ru Goodblood Jr)

4. Race Me Android (Wi Childs)

5. Royal Flush (Da Deslandes)

6. Western Snow (Ke Switzer Jr)

7. Sp Lycas Dream Grl (Eu Pratt)

8. Just Call Me Nosey (Ma Athearn)


1. Royal Jeter (Ke Switzer)

2. Serenity Hall (Wa Watson)

3. Denali Moon (Da Ingraham)

4. Mary Girl (Iv Davies)

5. Karolina Qt (Er Davis)

6. Lakenledge Conman (Sh Taggart)

7. Amindofherown (Ru Goodblood Jr)

FOURTH NW600PSCD $3,600 Trot

1. Kegler Hanover (Da Ingraham)

2. Alternat Thursdays (Ke Switzer Jr)

3. Call Me Hal (An Harrington)

4. Keystone Wallace (Ho Davis Jr)

5. Cherry Crown Jewel (Ma Athearn)

6. Monk (Ke Switzer)

7. Orderingin (Wi Campbell) 4-1


1. Logan Runn (Ba Stephenson)

2. Gris Beau Hanover (Ho Davis Jr)

3. Allen Cay (Wi Campbell)

4. Cams Trivia (Ni Graffam)

5. Wasabi Girl (Ke Switzer Jr)

6. Urdabest (Da Ingraham)

7. Wonder Willie Win (Do Dickison)

8. Oakley Brann (An Harrington)

SIXTH NW400PSCD $3,300 Trot

1. S D Prohibition (Wi Campbell)

2. War Glory (Ni Graffam)

3. Luscious Leigh (Da Ingraham)

4. Royal Hawaii (Ho Davis Jr)

5. Wolf’s Milan (Da Deslandes)

6. Quantum Lightning (Ke Switzer Jr)

7. Main Stage (Ph Sowers)

SEVENTH FM3000CL $3,000 Pace

1. Pembroke Boogie (Ni Graffam)

2. Kitkat Du Ruisseau (Ho Davis Jr)

3. Happy Surprise (Er Davis)

4. Your Special (Wi Campbell)

5. Virg Of Gold (Da Ingraham)

6. Silly Britches (Ke Switzer Jr)

7. Shocked Ivy (Ru Goodblood Jr)

EIGHTH NW251PSCD $2,800 Trot

1. Mr Paige (Ke Switzer Jr)

2. Chekov (Jo Beckwith)

3. General Bill Brown (Ma Athearn)

4. Keystone Stately (Ho Davis Jr)

5. Fox Valley Shannon (Wi Campbell)

6. Tango Pirate (Da Ingraham)

7. Rose Alba (Er Davis)

8. Carolinkia (Da Deslandes)