ROCKLAND, Maine — A 50-year-old Rockland man was sentenced Thursday to serve five months in jail for an assault two years ago in which the victim was kicked in the head while lying unconscious outside a bar.

Ronald J. Moulton was sentenced in Knox County Unified Court by Justice William Stokes to 30 months in jail with all but five months suspended for aggravated assault. Moulton also will be placed on probation for two years.

In a plea agreement reached before sentencing, the district attorney’s office and defense attorney had agreed to seek a minimum sentence of one month but no more than six months. Moulton had pleaded guilty in April 2015.

Moulton and his son Scott Moulton, 30, were both arrested in connection with the incident, in which police said an argument began inside a city bar, and then, after participants were ordered to leave the establishment, continued outside, where a fight ensued.

Defense attorney Jeremy Pratt urged the judge to impose a one-month sentence, pointing out that his client had suffered losses prior to the incident including the death of his wife of 29 years. Ronald Moulton turned to alcohol and suffered depression, he said.

Moulton spoke and apologized for his actions but said he had promised his wife shortly before she died that he would protect their children. He said he was protective of his son during the incident outside the bar. Family members of Ronald Moulton also cited how he has undergone counseling and is a changed person from when the assault occurred.

Assistant District Attorney Christopher Fernald sought to have the judge impose a six-month sentence, pointing out that the bar’s bouncer reported that the Moultons kicked the man in the head after he was unconscious on the sidewalk and in the street. Fernald also cited a felony aggravated criminal mischief charge that Moulton was convicted of in 2001.

The victim in the 2014 assault suffered a concussion.

Moulton will begin serving the sentence on Dec. 1.

His son earlier received a 60-day jail term.