WASHINGTON, Maine — A fire destroyed five buildings at a camp retreat in this rural Knox County community.

Fire Chief Phil Meunier said this was the largest fire he can recall in the town.

The fire at the Washington Advent Christian Camp destroyed a dormitory, the dining hall and kitchen building, and three camps.

Crews from Appleton, Hope, Jefferson, Liberty, Somerville, Union and Whitefield also responded to the fire at the camp property located on Dorman Road.

He said the crews did a fantastic job stopping the fire, pointing out that there are about 50 cabins on the grounds, most about 3 feet apart. He said trying to put out the fire was difficult initially because there were downed power lines and the crews had to wait for Central Maine Power to turn off the electricity.

There were no injuries.

The cause of the fire is not yet known, Meunier said. The Maine Fire Marshal’s Office has been called in to try to determine the cause. This is routine when the local department is unable to determine a cause, he said.

The buildings were unoccupied, the chief said. Last week, he said the buildings were in use for the camp’s annual retreat. The cabins are small, the chief said, about two rooms to each.

Pam Allen from the Second Advent Association that owns the property said Monday night the camp includes a tabernacle, a dining hall, boys and girls residences and private cabins. Two weeks a year, in late July and early August, children attend the Christian camp.

The camp is more than 100 years old.