When a recording of Gov. Paul LePage’s angry voicemail to a state legislator was reported online, the responses came fast. Here are of some the main reactions to LePage’s voicemail.

Many felt LePage’s use of “c*******er” was unbecoming of a governor.

Rick Hubbard: In every company I’ve worked for during the last 40+ years, this sort of thing would have resulted in immediate termination.

Mike Fixaris: To those of us who did not vote for him, this probably comes as little surprise.

Jay Lundstrom: “Warning: The language in the recording may not be suitable for children or the workplace.” Or a governor.

Lucas Gay: Well he does want to be part of a Trump administration so he has to show that he has what it takes…

Some initially thought the recording was too extreme to be real.

Rick Butler: Something fishy is going on here. Why would he first say his whole name and then second tell the guy to make the recording public???

Lawrence Gary: Actually I think that might be faked, not a big LePage fan, but I am an IT guy, I could do that, I could create a recording making anyone say anything given time and resource,.. just couldn’t help thinking how staged it sounded, followed by a request for publishing the recording,..? I dunno

Some said reporting on the recording was evidence of media bias.

Bonnie Dumont: You folks never publish the good this man does! Yes, he lost it, but wouldn’t you after being consistently slammed and called things he’s not. I know for a fact all the good he has done….do you really?

Shawn Boynton: Obscene is the liberal spin of this communist rag known as Bangor Daily Daily.

Many others weren’t offended found LePage’s tone refreshing.

Wayne Taylor: That’s awesome!!!! I will say that I am not that big of a fan of LePage. However. It’s nice to hear people be real people and get worked up, frustrated and show emotion. I have said that about LaPage from the beginning. We always hear the pre scripted talks from politicians. It’s nice to know it isn’t always scripted and that some actually do think for them selves. Anyone who takes offense to this is living in a candy coated world. Not everything is or should be candy coated.

Brenda M. Breeding: I must say, the Gov, maybe should have toned down the words a little, but, he has been called many things that are not true and has been blocked by the Libs every time he has tried to do good for this state and its citizens. When he became our Governor, this state was in a terrible mess financially and other ways.. With very little help from the Dems, he has gotten us on a better path. No thanks for him, just more abuse. Obviously, his frustration level was quite high when he recorded. Politically correct, he is not. But, I am not offended and am proud to call him my Governor!

Paul Leonard: LOL. I love this guy. He is the real deal in a world of fake people. Haha.

Steve Pennell: Hurts when the Governor speaks the truth…. I see a lot of sensitive people..

James Lyons: I love that he speaks his mind!! Many others would if they had the balls to, he DOES and expresses it freely. He should be President!!!

One commenter imagined how the news affected LePage’s press secretary, Adrienne Bennett.

Jeff Kirlin: I’ll bet what Adrienne Bennett said to herself was worse. ;)