Spear for Legislature

I am writing this letter in support of Democrat John Spear’s candidacy to serve as representative in House District 92 in the Maine Legislature.

I first met Spear years ago, when he served as business manager at the former Maine School Administrative District 50 and asked my business, Hi Tech Communications, to submit a proposal to provide phone and other related services for some of the schools in the district. I was immediately impressed by his common-sense approach and professional manner.

Working with Spear over the years I found him quick to ask probing questions and explore alternative solutions, thinking about the long term, not just a remedy to the immediate challenge at hand. On the other side of the coin, Spear was never reluctant to make a decision and displayed a unique ability to “get things done.” And he always strived to ensure that every tax dollar was stretched as far as possible.

While Spear and I don’t necessarily agree on every issue, I believe his intelligence, thoughtfulness, congeniality and commitment to hard work will enable him to capably represent Cushing, Thomaston, St. George and South Thomaston in the Maine House. I’ll be voting for him for representative on Nov. 8.

Dave Glidden


Poor publicity for Maine

I am appalled but also grateful for the recent harsh and homophobic remarks of Gov. Paul LePage directed at Rep. Drew Gattine.

I am grateful because I have suddenly received unexpected calls and emails from numerous friends from around the U.S., of every political stripe, all of which are not complimentary of the character and the bearing of our governor.

He proves that not all publicity is favorable, for him or for those who reside in Maine.

Charles T. McHugh


Question 3 won’t stop criminals

Among the more preposterous arguments of the proponents of universal background checks — Question 3 on the November ballot — is that it will stem the trickle of guns from Maine to Massachusetts. The sale of firearms between residents of different states, except through a licensed dealer, is already illegal under federal law. If criminals are breaking that law, why would we expect them to comply with a new law requiring background checks?

Criminals — the people we supposedly want to keep guns away from — are notorious for not obeying laws, and they will not obey this one. It will have no effect on them.

The only people who will be affected are law-abiding Mainers whose right to keep and bear arms has no reason to be further infringed. Because the proposed law does not deal only with sales but also with lending, this will prohibit hunters from lending guns to known and trusted friends to go moose or turkey hunting unless they give it to them in the field or at a certified range.

All this while the petty thieves and people with drug addictions continue swapping stolen guns for drugs without any background checks whatsoever.

Roger Sproul


Secure Maine against liberals

The designation of land in the Katahdin region as a national monument by President Barack Obama stoked the ire of our illustrious governor. “If average Mainers don’t realize by now that the political system is rigged against them by wealthy liberals from away, this is a serious wake-up call.”

We are undocumented — dare we admit it — unwealthy liberals from away who sought refuge in Bangor 26 years ago. Wanting to fit in and look like average Mainers, we offer a few ideas to keep our state safe and secure from out-of-state liberals.

Now that LePage’s daughter is an employee of the Trump campaign, she, her father and the Republican Party’s presidential candidate can devise a vetting system to weed out any liberals attempting to sneak into our northeastern lands, which, by the way, are intended only for ordinary tea party libertarians.

We could deport all undocumented liberals with absolutely no possibility of amnesty. Finally, how about a wall with orders to shoot to kill anyone attempting to gain entrance to our state?

James McDonald

Reesa Greenberg


LePage can’t change

Count me among those who are absolutely outraged that Gov. Paul LePage failed to take full responsibility for his unseemly behavior regarding the voicemail he left Rep. Drew Gattine. He ultimately passed off blame to “the reporter who put the mike in my face.” Remind you of anyone?

Given his venomous distrust and hatred of the media in the first place, LePage should have called Gattine to ask him just what he did say — ascertain the facts, in other words — instead of shooting from the hip in such an ugly manner.

LePage and his party colleagues in the Legislature would love to sweep this whole incident under the carpet with “I’m human, I made a mistake,” but it makes clear he is not a fit leader. At the very, very least, the governor should be censured by the Legislature, but that will never happen.

There is no changing LePage, who over and over has shown himself to be a thuggish, profane, mean, ignorant and ill-tempered individual who has embarrassed the state of Maine again and again. He should have the dignity to just step down. Then he can seek all the “ spiritual guidance” he wants, but on his own time.

Rick Lindquist


GOP must hold LePage accountable

I do not know how the Republican Party can expect to absolve the governor of this most recent grievance to his office and the people of Maine and expect there to be any kind of a working relationship with our representatives to get our business done.

This is not to say that there ever was a good working relationship with the governor. He has used every opportunity to blame, point his finger, divide and give tax breaks to the wealthy at the expense of health care, the opioid epidemic, our school systems and balancing all of this on the backs of property taxpayers.

People of Maine are embarrassed, appalled and tired of putting up with someone who cannot discharge his duties in a civilized and effective manner. Republicans should do their job and give the state an opportunity to turn this ugliness around.

Carol Latta