A Scarborough woman said that her daughter witnessed someone shot and killed right next to her during the shooting on Friday in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“They were standing at the luggage claim, and all of a sudden, she saw the woman beside her drop down, got shot,” said Deb Nielsen.

She said her daughter, 20-year-old Mackensie Nielsen, had just landed in Fort Lauderdale on an American Airlines flight that started in Portland and connected in Georgia. She and her boyfriend were grabbing their bags before leaving for a cruise.

“Her boyfriend ducked, and she ducked, and the woman beside her died,” said Deb Nielsen.

Another Mainer, Casey Prentice was in the same terminal as where the gunman opened fire, killing five on Friday afternoon. He said that he was in the Delta Sky Lounge, awaiting a flight to New York, when an employee ran in to warn those inside of the violence.

“An employee worker came running through the doors screaming ‘shots, shots,’” said Prentice.

He followed others to the tarmac, where after an hour or so SWAT teams ordered his group to put their backs against a concrete wall. He and the others eventually made their way back to the airport, which was still in lockdown when CBS 13 spoke to him over the phone.

“It was actually pretty calm all things considered, nobody was really stampeding, we were all helping. It was pretty controlled,” he said.

At the Portland airport, one Bangor woman said she and her family took off from Fort Lauderdale’s airport less than an hour before the shooting.

“It spread through the airplane like wildfire, people were passing their cellphones back and forth looking at the news reports about what’s going on,” said Amy Langlois.

Multiple flights scheduled for Fort Lauderdale that originated in Portland on Friday were either delayed or diverted.

For Langlois, who said she connected through Philadelphia before arriving in Portland, she said she was glad they left on time.

“Had our flight been delayed, it could have been any one of us,” said Langlois.