PORTLAND, Maine — It was nearly a disaster on Interstate 295, after a driver was found going the wrong way.

Dashcam video shows the red car facing south in the northbound lanes.

The elderly woman drove into the northbound off-ramp for Washington Avenue, sending her right into the heavy Wednesday morning commute traffic.

State Trooper Marvin Hinkley provided dash cam video.

He took a U-turn into the northbound lane and had to weave through traffic to find the vehicle that was driving in the wrong lane.

Hinkley said a wheelchair transport vehicle came to a complete stop on I-295 to block the driver’s vehicle from being hit.

Trooper Hinkley says the elderly woman was brought to the medical van unharmed until he arrived.

He called the result of the incident positive and shocking.

“I’m surprised it wasn’t a significant crash in itself,” Hinkley said. “Not only was it not, but there were no secondary crashes or incidents either, which is extremely fortunate — almost miraculous.”